Parents’ Guide to the Best Kid Rides at Dollywood

While Dollywood offers fun for all ages, not all their rides and attractions are suitable for the younger crowd. For starters, their height requirements may exclude the smallest of the bunch. Plus, their thrill and chill factor could leave out those who prefer a much more lowkey theme park experience. So, how are you supposed to know which rides to go on? With help from this guide, of course! To help you out, here’s a look at the best kid rides at Dollywood.

Lemon Twist

Lemon Twist lets the little ones get dizzy on demand while spinning in an absolutely adorable lemon cup. With a lemonade pitcher at the center of all the fun, the nine lemon cups twirl around the track at a steady speed. Riders can then set their cup in motion using the center wheel and spin to their heart’s content. All riders are welcome, although those under 48” tall must ride with someone age 16 or older.

Amazing Flying Elephants

The Amazing Flying Elephants gracefully float up and down through the air while twirling around the central support. As they go on their fun adventure, kids can see all across the park and delight in the sheer magic of the journey. Kids over 48-inches tall can ride solo, but smaller kids have to get a parent or sibling over 16 years of age to hop aboard as well.

Busy Bees

The Busy Bees ride honors your child’s need for independence by taking them on a spin all their own. They just have to hop in their bee of choice to zoom away in a circle around the hive. Since this ride never leaves the ground, kids of all heights can ride without a parent or sibling accompanying them.

Piggy Parade

A trip around the track on the Piggy Parade is always a memorable journey that gets kids fired up for even more fun. Since there is no height requirement, even the littlest in the group can fly solo, although they’re welcome to bring their parents along for the ride if they wish. The leisurely speed is perfect for taking memorable photos of your kids whether you’re on the ride or standing alongside.

Lucky Ducky

With four seats per car, Lucky Ducky teams up kids for the ride of their life. The ultra-cute ducks go in a slow circle while the kids pretend to take control using their personal steering wheels. Since there are no height requirements on this ride, even babies can take the wheel as long as they’re able to sit up unassisted.

Village Carousel

As the heart of the Village, the Village Carousel offers kids a truly timeless ride set to the tune of calliope music. On each ride, kids can choose between the 60 stunning painted animals, and then saddle up for a spin. As the ride starts up, the carousel gently rotates while the animals slowly leap up and down. All kids are welcome to ride, but those under 42-inches tall must come accompanied by someone 16 or older.

Dollywood Express (located in The Village)

Also located in the Village, the Dollywood Express offers fun for the whole family. On this ride, you get to take a whirlwind trip through the mountain foothills on a 110-ton coal-fired steam engine. Throughout the five-mile trip, you’ll get to enjoy all the best pastoral scenery plus the magical feeling of going back in time. While there is no minimum height requirement, this ride is best enjoyed with your whole group.

Rockin’ Roadway

With its stunning Cadillacs, Thunderbirds, and Corvettes, the Rockin’ Roadway is well worth the trip through the Jukebox Junction. Your kids will get their pick of the cars rolling through, and then get to go on a spin along the set track. If they are over 42 inches in height, they can go on a drive all on their own, waving to their admirers all along the way. Otherwise, they must ride with someone 16 or older.

Shooting Star

On the Shooting Star, kids get strapped into their seats while their legs freely dangle in the air. Once they’re ready to go, the ride starts its slow climb to the top where they can see all across the County Fair area. Then, it unexpectedly makes a quick drop toward the ground right when everyone least suspects it. Due to the thrill factor, there’s a minimum height requirement of 36 inches. Plus, kids under 42-inches tall must ride with someone age 16 or over.


Another Country Fair favorite, the Scrambler goes on a rapid-fire trip across the ride area, sending everyone sliding in their seats. Kids load up two by two in their carts, and then gently hold onto the bar over their legs. Then, as the ride rapidly changes direction, they glide across the seat back and forth to get all scrambled up. Although there’s no minimum height, kids under 48-inches tall must ride with an adult or sibling over age 16.

Smoky Mountain River Rampage

If your kids have dreams of enjoying whitewater adventures, then they’re going to love the Smoky Mountain River Rampage in Rivertown Junction. The rafts have seating for up to six, letting everyone go on an exciting journey down the river. The trip starts with a slow climb to the top of the hill to build anticipation and then continues down the other side with rapid twists, turns, and splashes galore. All riders must be over 36-inches in height, plus those under 48-inches tall must have someone 16+ ride with them.

Whistle Punk Chaser

For seemingly endless thrills, kids love to ride the junior coaster in Timber Canyon, known as the Whistle Punk Chaser. Riders load up in the logging carts two by two to get ready to ride the rails on this fun coaster. Then, they start their slow climb to the top before zipping back down and around the rest of the track at a rapid pace. Riders must be over 36-inches tall to hop on this coaster plus have a parent or sibling over age 16 with them if they’re under 42-inches tall.

As you explore all the best rides for kids at Dollywood, be sure to stop at the many restaurants along the way to fuel up for even more adventures. You can find everything from funnel cakes and ice cream cones to fried chicken sandwiches and pork barbecue plates. Just be sure to wait it out a bit before exploring even more attractions, especially if your kids love spinning rides.