Get Your Selfie On at These Insta-Worthy Spots in Dollywood

Every trip to Dollywood promises to provide a lifetime of amazing memories. You can capture your memories in all their glory by getting your selfie on at all the top Insta-worthy spots across the park. Then, with each snap you take, you cement the occasion in the history books, letting you share your adventures far and wide. Ready to get started? Here’s a look at all the top spots to take photos for the ‘Gram in Dollywood.

Near the Dollywood Entrance Sign

The Dollywood entrance sign serves as the top spot to let the world know that your theme park adventures have just begun. Although there are several signs around the park, go straight for the main entrance sign to capture all the excitement all around while you smile brightly and jump for joy. Then, post it to the ‘Gram with a caption that tells your followers what you’re looking forward to most during your visit.

In Front of Showstreet Palace Theater

With its beautiful architecture, bright colors, and glamorous aura, the front of the Showstreet Palace Theater is a great spot to snap a photo. Just strike a pose right in front of the Dollywood sign out front or stand like you’re walking up the steps and flash a smile over your shoulder. Upon posting your photo, be sure to tell everyone about whatever shows you got to see, like their ever-popular Fire on the Mountain.

By the Butterfly Wall in Wildwood Grove

If you want to make the most of your selfie at the butterfly wall, make it like Dolly herself and wear your most colorful outfit. Then, elegantly pose in front of the wings to transform yourself into a beautiful butterfly. If you have little ones in tow, have them join you at the two other sets of wings. Either way, caption your photos with a brief look at where you would fly given real wings of your very own.

Around the Barn Firepit at the Resort

If you’re staying at the DreamMore Resort and Spa, plan to spend an evening around the barn’s fire pit for a night to remember. While there, snap photo after photo of all the good times had by your group to keep the smiles and laughter in your heart forevermore. Once you get a chance to post your Insta-worthy snaps, include your favorite memory of the night and encourage your other group members to comment with their own.

At the Timber Canyon Heart Sign

Whether you’re flying solo on your Dollywood adventures or have your beloved alongside for the ride, you definitely need to get a photo at the Timber Canyon heart sign. Even better, wear your best flannels for a lumberjack aesthetic that matches the log structure and pine garland. Share what you love most about yourself, the other people in the photo, and Dollywood as a whole when you caption this photo.

On the Robert F. Thomas Chapel Steps

The Robert F. Thomas Chapel instantly takes you back in time, giving your photo a vintage aesthetic. To get the best picture, just sit right on the top of the steps or give your best standing pose right along the railing. Afterward, you can head inside to attend the beautiful service, and then tell your followers all about it when you caption your photo.

At a Table Inside the Song & Hearth

As you explore all the amazing attractions across the park, you’re bound to work up a big appetite. Once you do, land at the Song & Hearth for a phenomenal meal and tons of photo opportunities as well. While seated at the head of the table in their homey dining room, get your whole group to give a big smile as you snap pictures galore. After your meal, you can also get excellent photos right in front of the stone hearth. As for your caption, don’t hesitate to share what southern delicacies you enjoyed, like their coveted Stone Soup.

Behind the Best Day Ever Sign

As you get ever near the plaza in Wilderness Pass, keep your eye out for the Best Day Ever sign, which is as Insta-worthy as it gets. Built to accommodate a small group, this sign says what everyone is thinking as they enjoy all Dollywood has to offer. So, step into the frame and give the world your winning smile to get a photo you’ll cherish for years to come. Upon posting it online for all to see, including just why your day at the park ended up being the best ever.

Alongside the Seasonal Displays

All throughout the year, Dollywood lets guests celebrate each season in style by rolling out special events. During that time, they set up truly unique displays that serve as excellent photo backdrops.

Depending on when you visit, you can get photos at the:

  • Umbrella sky and live sculptures at the Flower & Food Festival
  • Spooky inflatables and pumpkin displays at the Harvest Festival  
  • Santa’s Village and many holiday lights at the Smoky Mountain Christmas
  • Wildwood Grove dance party and 3D drone/firework show at the Summer Celebration

As you post each photo online, let the world know your thoughts about each special display. Did you find the Pumpkin LumiNights especially dazzling? Did the 3D drone and firework show leave you feeling wholly impressed? By offering your two cents, your followers will get the inside scoop on just what to expect when they get a chance to land at the park.

As you load up your Instagram with all your Dollywood selfies, don’t forget to tag #Dollywood in your captions. With each photo you share, you have another chance to get featured right on their page. You can then share your adventures with the world and gain new followers who share your love for this iconic theme park.