3 Reasons to Purchase a Timesaver Pass at Dollywood

There’s a lot to love about the theme park experience, but waiting in line is almost universally dreaded. Unfortunately, even parks that efficiently filter visitors through rides may suffer frustratingly long waits from time to time. This is true, in particular, at Dollywood, where the most exciting rides are accompanied by the longest waits. Thankfully, an excellent option is available for avoiding long lines: the TimeSaver Pass.

What Is Dollywood’s TimeSaver Pass? How Does It Work?

As its name implies, Dollywood’s TimeSaver Pass aims to save you and your loved ones time as you strive to pack as much fun as possible into your visit. Specifically, this helpful tool grants you expedited access to several rides and shows, at which you might otherwise spend over an hour in line on busy days. If you’ve ever visited a Disney theme park, you’ll recognize the TimeSaver as a more expansive version of the FastPass.

When you use the TimeSaver for a ride, you can simply walk up to your favorite attraction and take advantage of an alternate route to the beginning of the attraction. With shows, however, you’ll need to visit a designated office or the venue itself to ensure that you can reserve your spot for a specific time.

How to Score Complimentary TimeSaver Passes

Select Dollywood guests enjoy complimentary access to the TimeSaver. Those with season passes, for example, automatically receive TimeSaver benefits. Additionally, select guests staying at Dollywood’s resorts may also enjoy expedited ride access.

If you’re unable to score a complimentary TimeSaver Pass, you’ll need to pay a mandatory fee before you can take advantage of reduced wait times. Purchased passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to arrive early if you’re determined to snag a pass.

TimeSaver Versus TimeSaver Unlimited

Dollywood’s TimeSaver can take multiple forms. The entry-level pass is simply known as the TimeSaver, which is available for use on ten separate occasions throughout the day. This could mean a combination of ten different rides or repeated use on a single ride that you really happen to love. With theaters, however, the standard TimeSaver grants you unlimited show reservations.

If you hate the idea of waiting in line, you’ll want to opt for the available TimeSaver Unlimited, which removes the ten-ride limit and grants you expedited access to participating rides whenever and as often as you desire. Equipped with the TimeSaver Unlimited, you need never wait in a standard line during your Dollywood adventure.

3 Ways the TimeSaver Pass Can Level Up Your Dollywood Visit

1. Repeat Your Favorite Rides Without Spending All Your Time in Line

Are you obsessed with the Tennessee Tornado? Does the hot weather have you seeking reprieve on the Smoky Mountain River Rampage? Equipped with the TimeSaver Pass, you no longer need to limit yourself to just one or two adventures on your favorite ride. If you really want, you can dedicate your entire ten expedited rides to a single attraction. The TimeSaver’s flexibility allows you to craft your visit exactly as you see fit. Keep in mind, however, that usage is limited to just one ride per person on the Dragonflier and the FireChaser Express.

2. Plan Your Trip In Advance

If your idea of the perfect Dollywood visit involves a detailed itinerary, you’ll quickly come to depend on your TimeSaver Pass, which allows you to reserve show spots for specific times. From there, you can design a personal schedule based on the convenience of attraction locations, without worrying whether a long line will turn you away.

3. Accommodate Your Expedited Timeline

With so much to do and see at Dollywood, you could spend several days there and still be eager for more. Unfortunately, not everybody has the time to spare for multiple days — or even for one full day. If you’re forced to limit your visit to a half-day or just a few hours, your TimeSaver Pass can provide the ultimate consolation. Even if you’re sad about your short visit, you can take solace in knowing that you spent every minute possible on rides and in shows — and not in line.

3 Examples of When You Can Skip the TimeSaver Pass

1. You’re Determined to Visit Dollywood on a Budget

Unless you invest in a season pass, you’ll need to pay a fair amount to outfit your entire party with TimeSavers. While some visitors insist that the pass is worth every penny, others hesitate to spend beyond the admission fee. Skipping the TimeSaver is just one of several steps you can take to save money at Dollywood, but you’d best be prepared to spend a lot of time in line if you opt for this budget-friendly approach.

2. You Need Time to Recover Between Rides

Believe it or not, waiting in line can sometimes prove beneficial for certain guests. It’s not uncommon for those with unlimited access to try to tackle too much in too little time. Too much, too fast, and you just might find yourself feeling sick. If, however, you have the self-restraint necessary to pace yourself between rides, you’ll find that the TimeSaver Pass allows you to schedule your day to fit in as many rides as you like with minimal discomfort. Consider reserving shows between roller coasters to give your stomach time to calm down.

3. You Plan to Visit the Park Outside of Peak Season

The TimeSaver can completely transform your park experience during the busy season, when lines for the hottest rides may approach two hours. At other times, however, the park’s lines may prove surprisingly reasonable. If you’re willing to put up with less-than-perfect weather and visit during the middle of the week, you could avoid lines while also saving considerably on the combined cost of park entrance and a TimeSaver Pass.

Dollywood’s TimeSaver Pass may not prove necessary for each and every visitor, but it’s certainly a nice option to have available. Think carefully about your budget, your schedule, and your favorite attractions as you determine the right approach for your group. You just might find that the TimeSaver Pass takes your Dollywood adventure to a whole new level of fun.