Get Ready to Enjoy Dollywood’s 2021 Summer Celebration

Dollywood is adding to their summer lineup for 2021 with their aptly named Summer Celebration. Starting June 25th and running through July 31st, this all-new event promises to deliver tons of fun and laughter at every corner of the park. During that time, you’re welcome to swing by once or many times to celebrate family, sunshine, and all the things you love most about the park, including all the Splash Country attractions. Ready to get your plans pinned down? Here’s what you can look forward to enjoying.

See Drones Create an Aerial Display

To get ready for this exciting event, Dollywood spent over $500,000 creating an auditory and visual experience to remember. At the center of that investment are tons of high-tech drones ready to light up the sky and put on the show each night.

As they zoom high above the park every evening, they come together to create amazing visuals, including flowers, starbursts, and butterflies. Their incredible aerial displays promise to leave you in awe and wondering just what the tech world can do next.

While the drones serve as the stars of the show, bursts of fireworks put emphasis on all their movements while staying in time with the music. With their appearance, the entire sky above Dollywood lights up, letting you enjoy the wonders from anywhere in the park. Whether you’re getting a bite to eat or zooming through Splash Country, you definitely won’t miss out on the spectacular display.

Get Dancing in Wildwood Grove

The Wildwood Tree stands the center of the hustle and bustle of park goers

If you want to be in the center of the party, however, you’ll need to zip over to Wildwood Grove. In that area, they will have a high-energy DJ spinning upbeat music designed to get you feeling hyped.

Along with the DJ, you’ll find talented dancers boogying to the beat and getting the crowd going as well. In no time flat, you will undoubtedly find yourself dancing through the entire 30-minute set. At the end of the set is when the drone and firework show pops off, giving everyone a big finale to remember.

While partying hard, don’t forget to take a couple of fun photos during the festivities to show off to all your friends and family who didn’t accompany you to the park. You never know, your pics may inspire them to take the leap next year when Dollywood undoubtedly renews its summer celebrations.

Visit the Top Summertime Splash Country Attractions

As you wait for the party to start each evening, you have plenty of time to explore all the Splash Country Attractions, which open up for the year on May 15th.

The most popular waterpark attractions include:

If you want to chill on the pool deck and occasionally catch some waves, get on over to the 25,000-square-foot wave pool, dubbed Mountain Waves. There are many shaded canopies where you can rest up between activities and even work a little naptime into the day. Then, once you’re energized, you can hop in the wave pool and see if you can stay upright and on your inner tube as the water tosses you around.

Grab Up All the Best Summertime Treats

As the summer weather comes into view, the many eateries in Dollywood add icy treats, delicious sweets, and other seasonal delights to their menus. At a stand right next to the Mountain Waves pool, you can find BeaverTails, a definite fan favorite in the summer months.

This amazing treat is one part funnel cake, one part donut, and wholly delicious from first to last bite. You can get it topped with chocolate hazelnut spread, candy pieces, and fruit of all kinds.

If you want something a little more chill, then go to Cascade Concessions for a cup of Dippin’ Dots. Available in many awesome flavors, these tiny ice cream morsels instantly melt in your mouth while cooling you down fast.

When you get down over to the lazy river area, treat yourself to a bar of chocolate and nut-covered banana on a stick from Splash & Dash Sundries. They often have all-new items on their menu each season, so ask what they’ve dreamed up recently.

As you nosh on all this delicious food, remember to stay well hydrated with plenty of water and a few tasty frozen beverages as well. The fruit smoothies are always a fantastic choice, especially if you go with the berry varieties that have the perfect balance of tart and sweet flavors.

Want to Go All Summer Long? Get the Season Pass

If you live nearby or can jet out to Dollywood at your leisure, treat yourself to the season pass to visit the 2021 Summer Celebration early and often. The Super Pass covers your admission to both the regular park and Splash Country all year long, so you can cruise over any time you want.

If you love all the awesome dining options at the park, you can add the Dining Pass to get a meal and snack on the house each visit. Don’t live close enough for a season pass? No worries, you can get one-, two-, or three-day theme park tickets instead to visit every day you’re in town.