Enjoy Bubbles Galore at the Dollywood Gazillion Bubble Show Aurora

Finally, the Dollywood Gazillion Bubble Show Aurora is back and promises to kick the Smoky Mountain Summer Celebration into high gear. Each show will fill the air with thousands of bubbles, large and small, treating guests to a truly enchanting performance. Adding to the magic, there’s even a must-see special event for select season pass holders each Sunday. Ready to learn just what awaits your arrival in Dollywood this summer?

Here’s what you need to know:

Bubbles Set to Arrive for the Summer Celebration  

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In 2022, the Gazillion Bubble Show Aurora arrived back at Dollywood for the first time since 2017. Fans of this memorable performance were delighted, flocking to the park for a chance to see the sky fill with brilliant bubbles.

Due to its rousing success, the bubble will come back in 2023 as well. Like prior years, this show will run as a part of the Smoky Mountain Summer Celebration. You can attend this event as often as you’d like from June 17th through August 6th, 2023.

You can either buy a ticket each time or sign up for a season pass. The Gold and Diamond Season Pass levels give you access to an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience during Sunday showings. Access to the show is included in the price of your ticket to the park.

The bubble show will run three times a day all throughout the week. You can catch the show at 12 pm, 2 pm, or 4 pm —or even go to all three if you’re at the park all day. The late afternoon shows fill up the fastest as people look for a shady spot to get out of the sun for a while.

The main show lasts about 45 minutes, and then you can return to your park adventures if you wish. If you go to the behind-the-scenes experience, expect to spend about an hour and a half exploring the world of bubbles.

The Story Behind the Gazillion Bubble Show

Dollywood Gazillion Bubble Show Aurora

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Bubble artist Deni Yang puts on the Gazillion Bubble Show all throughout the year, although their summers are dedicated to Dollywood. When the family business doesn’t cater to park guests, they head back to New York City to continue to delight the crowds up to six days per week. Sometimes, they even take the show to locales across the pond, like Paris.

Before taking their show worldwide, the family started their acts as a simple street performance. Deni’s mom and dad would delight passersby with their incredible bubble feats, earning money while bringing joy to the crowds. Eventually, they joined the circus to go on a whirlwind tour and then decided to set out on their own—and the rest is history!

Since then, the crew has earned 18 Guinness World Records, including two by Deni himself. Amazingly enough, Deni’s records are for creating the world’s largest bubble at 167 feet wide. Additionally, making a bubble big enough to fit a whopping 181 people inside. Who knows what else is in store for Deni and his amazing crew. However, you can see their magnificence for yourself by attending a show at Dollywood this year.

A Safe, Fun Bubble Solution for All Ages

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The Gazillion Bubble Show Aurora truly immerses the audience in bubbles galore. For that reason, they must carefully mix up a gentle bubble formula that won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin.

Although they keep their exact recipe a secret, their solution uses a base of dishwashing liquid and baby shampoo. With that move, they ensure that their bubbles are safe and non-toxic for all who encounter them.

Amazing Bubble Feats You May See

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When you come to Dollywood for the Gazillion Bubble Show Aurora, you can count on enjoying an exceptionally mesmerizing act from start to finish. The performance starts with the lights turned low and colorful laser lights illuminating the stage.

From there, the crew comes out to perform all their exciting feats, including:

  • Building fun bubble sculptures
  • Creating bubbles in unique shapes
  • Making the biggest bubbles you’ve ever seen
  • Filling the air with an unbelievable number of bubbles

Oftentimes, they even take a moment to put Dolly Parton in a life-sized bubble all her own. All along the way, the bubbles shimmer and shine in the light, creating a rainbow of colors that inspire tons of oohs and ahhs.

Behind-Scenes Experience for Passholders

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If you want to see how all the magic happens, grab your Gold or Diamond Season Pass and plan to attend the 12 pm Sunday show. Kids three and under with their Pre-K Imagination Season Pass are also welcome to attend.

Just keep in mind that you must register for the event online to secure your spot since attendance is limited each day. Upon doing that, you’ll be eligible to stick around after the show for the Golden Event. The host will ask all Golden Event attendees to stay seated once the show ends and then address the crowd again after all other guests make their way out the doors.

Once the special event starts, you’ll get to go behind the scenes to see how to make the bubbles. You will also be able to do some of the tricks that were performed for the crowd. You’ll also learn more about the host of the show, take personalized photos, and enjoy even more hands-on activities.

Get Ready for Bubbl-icious Fun for Everyone

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If you’re ready to gaze in awe at the most extraordinary bubble acts ever performed, the Gazillion Bubble Show Aurora at Dollywood is a must-see experience. You have from June 17th through August 6th to get in on the action. So, start planning your trip today. For the ultimate experience, don’t forget to sign up for your Gold or Diamond Season Pass to get the inside scoop on how all the bubble tricks come to life.