Smoky Mountain Christmas: Dollywood 2020 Guide

To infuse your 2020 holiday season with a whole lot of magic, jumpstart your celebrations by attending Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood. You can schedule your visit any time between November 7th and January 3rd. But with so much to see and do, you’ll likely want to come back again and again. To help you plan for this very special occasion, here’s a look at all the things you simply won’t want to miss.

More Than One Million Lights Guide the Way

Glacier Ridge transforms into a winter wonderland to remember as the holiday season comes into view. The magic makers start with the addition of a majestic 50-foot Christmas tree and then decorate it to the hilt.

Around that, they add one million lights that twinkle and shine brightly from the first day to the last. As you look around in wonder, watch for the northern lights, which are recreated in all their glory for everyone to enjoy.

Experience the Magic of Wildwood Grove

smoky mountain christmas

New this year, Wildwood Grove is getting into the Christmas spirit to expand the wonder into new areas of the park. The scene starts around the beloved Wildwood Tree which is covered in gorgeous lights and surrounded by imaginative scenes.

You can take in the spirit of the season by coming to the tree each night to listen to a story by Dolly and experience the magic all around. The rest of the grove is filled with amazing sights and sounds that will spark your imagination and keep the fun going all day and night.

Set Aside Time for Holiday Musicals Galore

Another gift from Dolly is all the wondrous musical productions that come to life onstage in the Celebrity Theater. More than a dozen talented singers and dancers plus a full band hit the stage night after night to present all the holiday performances you hold dear.

Among the many productions coming to Dollywood, this year are the ever-popular It’s a Wonderful Life and Christmas in the Smokies. You’ll want to get tickets to each one to avoid missing out on all the fanfare. They are fun for the whole family, so make sure to bring along your kids, parents, and everyone in between.

Watch for All Your Favorite Characters

If you can break your attention away from all the lights and the fun inflatables along the paths, you might just catch a glimpse of all your favorite Christmas characters. Santa Claus and his reindeer crew, including Rudolph, come through at various times to greet guests and spread a little cheer through the crowds.

You won’t want to miss their appearance, so be sure to watch carefully and listen for the excited chatter that always seems to accompany them on their visits. Once you catch sight, wave and smile to see if you can’t get a picture with the whole crew to cherish forevermore.

Don’t Miss Out on the Parade of Many Colors

At 8 pm sharp every evening, the Parade of Many Colors will roll through town, filled with spectacular floats and all your favorite characters. Santa and Mrs. Claus lead the way on their vibrant sleigh fitted with LED lights and beautiful designs. An awesome array of floats follows closely behind to show off their bright colors, fill the air with music, and let the characters wave to all their adoring fans.

If you want to join a parade of your own, then hop on the brilliant train for a ride around the park. As you zip across the map, you will undoubtedly see lots of restaurants, shops, and attractions to visit. If so, just get off at the next stop and head out to have the time of your life. When it’s time to get going once again, you can stroll along on your own or wait for the train to come around.

Check Out All the Fantastic Attractions

Even while Christmas takes over the park, all the theme park attractions stay up and running to keep everyone well entertained all day and evening long. So, remember to stick around for long enough to try all the ones that catch your eye, such as:

  • Barnstormer
  • Daredevil Falls
  • Dizzy Disk
  • Drop Line
  • Great Tree Swing
  • Lightning Rod
  • Sky Rider
  • Tennessee Tornado

You’ll also want to take a ride on the Dollywood Express Train to see the Great Smoky Mountains in all their glory. The train will take you on a 20-minute ride around the foothills of the mountain, giving you a chance to rest your feet while enjoying the breathtaking views all around.

How to Stay Safe During All Your Celebrations

As you explore all that Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas has to offer, it’s important to keep your mind on safety at all times. You can rest assured that park staff will also do all they can to help you stay safe, including sanitizing all the high touch point areas.

During your visit, everyone aged three and up has to wear their protective facemasks to abide by the COVID safety restrictions of the park. Also, expect them to take your temperature and limit daily capacity both in the park and at shops, restaurants, and attractions.

Beyond abiding by capacity limits, it’s also important to make sure to physically distance yourself from other guests who are not in your group. You’ll have lots of marked barriers, queue marks, and other reminders onsite to help out.

Now that you know just what to expect at Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas, it’s time to start planning your trip. No matter when or how many times you go, you won’t regret making this fun event an important part of your yearly holiday traditions.