Complete Guide to Doggywood: Dollywood’s Pet Cottages

Are you planning all your fun Dollywood adventures but cannot bear the thought of leaving your dog at home? Just work a visit to Doggywood into your plans, and you don’t have to! Although your pup cannot come into the park with you, they can enjoy a relaxing day at the pet cottage while you play. Then, you can meet up afterward for snuggles to help you decompress after such an exciting day in the park.

Ready to make that happen? Here’s everything you need to know about Doggywood: Dollywood’s pet cottages.

About Doggywood Pet Boarding

Doggywood offers daytime boarding whenever the park opens the gates to visitors. They don’t allow overnight stays, but Dollywood does have pet-friendly cabins available so your pet can stay with you at night.

Space is limited at their boarding facility, so you’ll need to make reservations ahead of time. You can choose between their pet cottages and kennel runs when you give them a call. Pet cottages are only for small pups weighing 19 pounds or less. Kennel runs do not have a size limit.

The kennels are $25 per day and the cottages are just $10 more. If you have the Gold Season Pass, you’ll get a discount on your Doggywood accommodations.

Do you have two or more dogs? They can usually share the same cottage or kennel. They’ll just charge a small $5 fee for each extra pup. Keep in mind that the cottage weight limit is 19 pounds in total.

The Doggywood Experience

Upon arriving at Doggywood, you and your pup will receive a warm welcome as you walk through the doors. Their staff is always excited to meet new people and their dogs, making you both feel like the guests of honor from the start.

The check-in process is quick and easy, too, and then your dog is off to their digs for the day. All their kennel runs and pet cottages are heated and air-conditioned to keep your pup comfortable during their stay. They’re equipped with fresh water and a bowl for whatever food you bring. Your pet even gets their own plush bed to relax on while you’re out playing.

Their staff members cannot take your dog out for any reason, not even to relieve themselves midday. So, you’re strongly encouraged to stop in regularly to take your pup out for a walk whenever you have downtime on your adventures. Pro tip: Bring your own pet waste bags to use for cleaning up after your dog during your walks.

Pickup and Dropoff Terms

You can drop your dog off at their cabin up to 30 minutes before the park opens or anytime throughout the day. Then, just pick up your dog when you’re done at the park and continue on with your adventures together. They do require that you pick up your pet no later than 15 minutes after the park closes if you stay all day.

Get Your Dog Ready for Their Stay

A little preparation goes a long way in making sure your dog has a delightful stay at Doggywood. To do that, just follow these four steps.

Make Reservations

Doggywood only has four 5’ by 5’ cottages and twelve 4’ by 6’ kennel runs available – and you can bet that they fill up fast. So, it’s wise to book your spot ahead of time by giving them a call or filling out the form on their website. Otherwise, you run the risk of arriving at a full boarding facility, resulting in you having nowhere to keep your pet for the day.

Complete the Boarding Agreement

If you want to speed up the check-in process, you can fill out the Doggywood Boarding Agreement after making reservations. On the form, you’ll need to provide your contact info plus the name and phone number of your emergency contact person.

After that, you will need to let them know some things about your dog, like:

  • Name
  • Breed
  • Health
  • Appearance
  • Behavior
  • Vet’s contact info

You’ll also have room to fill out any special considerations to keep in mind for their health, diet, and grooming.

You will find all the terms and conditions at the bottom of the form. Read through them carefully to ensure you agree with the terms before signing.

Update Vaccines

Your dog must be fully updated on both its Bordetella and Rabies vaccinations to stay at the facility. If your dog is not yet fully vaccinated, plan to get them their vaccines at least a couple of weeks before your trip.

To avoid any issues, have your vet send confirmation to the facility with an email to [email protected] well before your set arrival date. If you fill out the Boarding Agreement online, you can upload the up-to-date vaccination documentation there instead.

Either way, you should receive an email back to confirm that you’re good to go once the boarding team reviews the paperwork from your vet. If not, you can give them a call to make sure.

Pack Them Up  

You will only need to bring food for your dog if they normally eat during the time they’ll be at Dollywood. A bowl of fresh, clean water will stay available to them throughout their visit.

The boarding facility strongly recommends that you leave all their bedding, toys, and other personal items behind. The items could get damaged or lost otherwise, plus they’ll need to be laundered in-between visits.

Don’t forget to put a collar with ID on your dog before dropping them off. Plus, bring a leash and doggy bags to use during your drop-in visits.

Where to Find Doggywood

On your scheduled boarding date, you just need to walk your dog to get them ready for their stay. Then, head over to the front gate of Dollywood to find Doggywood near guest services. After getting checked in, the hosts will get your dog settled in their kennel or cottage while you head out for your day in the park.