Venture Chocolate and Wine Co.

Venture Chocolate & Wine Co. – Get Handmade Confections Plus Top-Shelf Wines and More
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

When you need a perfect spot for date night, set your sights on Venture Chocolate & Wine Co. in Boone. On the main floor, you’ll get to devour handmade confections and coffee while the cellar is all about wine, charcuterie, and desserts. Friendly service abounds, too, ensuring you always have a fantastic time on every visit.

- The Local Expert Team

At Venture Chocolate & Wine Co., you get to enjoy two full levels of pure deliciousness, ensuring every date night in Boone is a truly memorable one. As you enter the main floor, you’ll get greeted with handmade confections of all kinds, including their ever-popular Bon-Bons. Coffee and hot chocolate are on tap as well, just in case you need to kick your day into high gear.

When you go down into the cellar, the mood shifts and it’s all about wine, charcuterie, and desserts galore. The space serves as a chill lounge, too, giving you somewhere to kick back and relax while savoring your selections. Want somewhere to get some work done? They have an upstairs study area to use at your leisure.

The team pops the doors open mid-morning, giving you a great place to kickstart your day. But they don’t unveil their full menu and serve wine until much later. So, unless you’re just after coffee and chocolate, you’ll want to plan your visit for the evening hours. Or you can stop by in the morning and then come back, later on, to complete your chocolate and wine experience on your terms.

Whenever you decide to come in, expect a warm welcome from their team and a quick rundown of how things work. You can then explore all their available offerings at your leisure and stick around for however long you need to enjoy it all. The space boasts a welcoming ambiance and feels wholly rejuvenating thanks to all the natural light flowing through the windows. Friendly service will come your way throughout your visit, ensuring you always feel right at home.

When you want pure chocolatey goodness in every bite, get the Bon-Bons, for sure. They have many different varieties available, including Mint Dark Chocolate, Jasmine Green Tea, and Orange Habanero. You can go with classic flavors instead if you prefer to keep it simple, like their plain Milk Chocolate.

Cacao Cold Brew
The Cacao Cold Brew beautifully blends together all the best chocolate and coffee flavors. To make this drink, their team roasts, grinds, and brews all their beans in-house. Then, when you order your drink, they mix it up with melted chocolate to take each sip to the next level.

The Cellar Charcuterie Board
When you want to sample the bounty of the earth with a friend (or three!), treat yourselves to The Cellar Charcuterie Board. Available for two or four people, this board features a hand-curated selection of meats, cheeses, nuts, olives, and seasonal fruit. Artisanal crackers and fig jam round out the offerings, creating a flavor combination to remember.

Sipping Chocolate
When you don’t have another inch of room in your belly but want to end your visit on a sweet note, the Sipping Chocolate is the way to go. To make this sip-worthy dessert, they combine handmade melted chocolate with Gran Marnier. Candied citrus joins the party right before serving to add even more depth to the flavors.

When it comes to their wine, always expect the very best at every visit. It’s impossible to pinpoint just what you’ll find, however, since they rotate out their selections on a weekly basis. If you’re not sure what to get, feel free to ask the bartender for their recommendations. Want to enjoy food with your wine? Order that first and then ask for the perfect pairing for the flavors in front of you.

Insider Tips:
-You’re welcome to take any of their Bon-Bons, Chocolate Bars, and Scones to go. So, don’t hesitate to sidle up to the counter before you leave and get a box full of your favorites to enjoy later.
-Expect to see the hours change as the space comes into its own. Although their earliest start time is 10 am at the moment, there are plans to open even earlier in the future.