Mountain Nest

Mountain Nest Gallery: Eclectic Arts and Crafts Created By the Region's Most Talented Artisans
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Browse local artwork at Mountain Nest Gallery, which brings some of the region's best creations to the Black Mountain, North Carolina. Eclectic in the best possible way, this collection helps visitors gain a greater appreciation for the abundant talent in the Asheville region.

- The Local Expert Team

Indulge your love of all things art at the Mountain Nest Gallery, where you will discover some of Black Mountain’s most impressive creations. Every visit to this shop is a delight, as you will quickly discover while browsing the store’s charming selection.

The gallery’s impressive collection features a variety of styles and materials designed to expand visitors’ perception of what counts as ‘art.’ Favorites include jewelry, pottery, paintings, wood, glass, and metal. There is truly something for everyone here; regardless of your favored aesthetics, you can find at least one item that appeals to your unique sense of style. Pieces are sourced exclusively from regional artists, so you can rest assured, knowing that anything you purchase will benefit the local economy.

The gallery’s owners strive to work directly with artists to ensure that their creations are highlighted appropriately. These staff members are clearly passionate about local artwork, as evidenced not only in the careful layout of the store, but also in their conversations with visitors.

Feel free to ask for information on the background of your favorite pieces. Mountain Nest’s enthusiastic staff members will happily fill you in on the artists, how they acquired each piece, and how various works fit into the store’s greater collection. These details can make your visit that much more fulfilling, while also adding special meaning to any items you ultimately purchase. Set aside more time than you think you need to explore this small store, because you’ll likely spend at least a few minutes chatting. Still, staff members are respectful of your space; you need not fear the hovering that occurs at some galleries.

Repeat visits are encouraged, especially as the shop’s artistic stock is always changing. Each time you stop in, you’re sure to encounter something new and intriguing — accompanied by an equally intriguing story. Keep an eye on the store’s Facebook page, where you’ll get a better sense of the new collections coming into the shop.

Prices are reasonable, so while you may visit simply with the intention of looking, you’ll likely come away with at least a few special items. You’ll never feel pressured to make a purchase, however. Leisurely exploration is fully encouraged, even if ends with you leaving empty-handed.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift or simply want to check out the latest accomplishments of the region’s finest artists, you’ll enjoy every aspect of your visit to the Mountain Nest Gallery. Set aside some time to take it all in at your own pace — you’ll emerge with a greater appreciation of the area’s remarkable talent.

Insider Tips:
– The Mountain Nest Gallery is unique among shops of its ilk in that it offers a dog-friendly environment. Don’t hesitate to bring your well-trained canine friend along for your artistic adventure.
– If you like an item but are unable to immediately bring it with you due to future flights or other obstacles, feel free to request that the store ship it to your home. Shipping rates are favorable, especially as compared to other galleries in the Asheville area.