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Asheville Waterfall Tours

Asheville Waterfall Tours - Full-Service Waterfall Hikes
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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Asheville Waterfall Tours offers full-service, private waterfall hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Schedule an adventure, and they’ll whisk you away from wherever you are in Asheville to some of the area’s most majestic waterfalls. Pick-up, snacks and drop-off are all included, and all you need to worry about is where your next step on the trail (or off of it) will be.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Asheville Waterfall Tours offers full-service and private hikes to some of the Blue Ridge Mountains’ most majestic falls. With everything taken care of, they ensure you only need to worry about where you’ll put your next step on (or off of) the trail.

There aren’t any standard tours that Asheville Waterfall Tours offers, because each outing is private and specially catered to the group’s needs. When you schedule a hike with them, you’ll talk directly with Carolyn about what you’d like to do, and she’ll undoubtedly have a few suggestions. Whether you want something easy with lots of waterfalls or a demanding day-long adventure, she’s walked all over the mountains in this region and will know exactly where to take you.

Nearly always, Carolyn’s suggestions involve getting close to a waterfall — and more than one hiker has been sprayed with mist on these outings. She and her son have been “hunting” waterfalls for years, and somehow they frequently end up on spurs that go as close as possible to the water. Carolyn will be your guide on the trip, and her son comes along at times too.

These lesser-known spurs can be carefully chosen based on ability level, but they’re not something that travelers are likely to find on their own. Whether a novice or an expert hiker, you can expect to see few others on these paths that only locals know.

Make sure you ask Carolyn any questions you have about the local area along the way. She’s gained a wealth of experience hiking these trails and pathways, and her knowledge of the local flora and fauna is quite extensive. (Her knowledge of local, affordable restaurants is extensive, too.)

All of the waterfall hikes come with a complimentary shuttle to and from your preferred location in Asheville, and you might need that shuttle to find some of the departure points that Carolyn chooses. Snacks and water are also included, and she’ll get lunch for you if you’d prefer.

Prices for these hikes generally start at $110 or $130 for the first person, and additional party members are $80 each. A typical hike lasts from about 9 am to 2 pm, but everything can be adjusted for your group.

You might not know exactly where Carolyn takes you on a waterfall hike, but she’ll make sure you get to the fall and back safely. All along the way, you’ll have beautiful and lesser-known views to take in.

Insider Tips: 
– Have someone in your group that requires special considerations? Just tell Carolyn, and she’ll know where to go. She’s guided seniors and infants (in carriers) along on waterfall hikes, and four-legged friends are also welcome.
– Make sure you bring sunscreen and bug spray. When hiking through the woods, you’re bound to encounter a few different environments. Those who are properly prepared and comfortable tend to enjoy the sights the best.