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Asheville Detours

Asheville Detours: Discover Asheville's Hidden Gems With a Personalized Scavenger Hunt
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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Ready to experience Asheville through new eyes? Whether you're a proud resident or are simply visiting for the weekend, you'll find a new side of the city as you explore downtown alongside the helpful guides of Asheville Detours. These excursions introduce the area's best restaurants, bars, and activities to those on the hunt for a good time.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

There’s a lot to be said for exploring Asheville at your own pace. The city is chock full of hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. When you’re strapped for time, however, it’s preferable to relax and let an expert take care of planning, navigation and other essentials. Hence the popularity of Asheville Detours, which presents the best of this charming city without feeling excessively touristy.

Although largely catered towards visitors, Asheville Detours’ excursions are also ideal for locals looking to see the city through fresh eyes. Tailored to meet the interests and objectives of you and your loved ones, these tours present the true diversity of Asheville, which otherwise could easily be missed altogether.

A variety of adventures are available, ranging from girls trips to corporate outings. All incorporate a shared element of curiosity and fun, made possible, in part, by the enticing scavenger hunt format. You and your team members are encouraged to lead the way, with guides available as support if you get stuck.

Each tour begins when you meet your guide at a designated spot in Asheville. Following a welcome toast, your guide will offer a brief overview of the rules. Next, you and your team members will embark on a journey that involves a variety of personalized clues and challenges. Each stop holds a clue that can guide you to your next destination.

Depending on how quickly your team is able to decipher clues, your tour could last anywhere between three and four hours. By the end, you will have a better understanding of what makes Asheville tick — and you’ll enjoy a closer bond with your fellow team members.

A few of our favorite tours include the following:

The Bachelorette Detour
Move over Nashville — Asheville is an amazing alternative for bachelorette parties and other fun nights out. Designed especially for chic brides, this excursion involves shopping sprees at the area’s hottest stores, interactive activities, and of course, plenty of drinks and tasty snacks.

The Girls Trip Detour
Change up your usual travel plans and take the Girls Trip Detour, which will help you strengthen your bond with your BFFs. Depending on your group’s preferences, this outing could include wine and chocolate tastings, crafting projects and more. Along the way, you and your besties will receive multiple mementos to mark this wonderful occasion.

The Family Fun Detour
Not all Asheville adventures involve bars and breweries. The city is chock full of family-friendly activities. With this adventure, you don’t need to juggle the demands of parenting and trip planning; you can simply enjoy the city as a family. Along the way, you’ll taste the area’s best dishes, participate in memorable crafting activities and discover several delightful surprises.

The Team Building Detour
Who knew that work outings could be so much fun? Whether your office is based in Asheville or elsewhere, you’ll appreciate the diverse range of activities available in the city’s downtown district. Relax with craft beverages as you and your coworkers complete an array of exciting team projects designed to build a more cohesive group. You will come away feeling better connected to your work family.

Bachelorette parties and work outings can be equally memorable when held in the heart of Asheville. Let Asheville Detours take the hassle out of planning these and other special occasions. You never know what surprises lie ahead in this vibrant city.

Insider Tips:
– While participants often are most excited about sampling craft beverages, guests under the age of 21 are prohibited from drinking alcohol during the tour. Delicious substitutions are available, however. When booking, be sure to indicate how many people will not be drinking alcohol.
– If you’re visiting from out of town, consider booking your tour for one of the first days of your vacation. During the scavenger hunt, you’ll encounter several hidden gems worth adding to your itinerary.