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Vidl Winery at Cultura — Where to Get Unfiltered Wine and Small Bite Plates
Written by: Brittany Mendez
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4.5 / 5
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When you want to experience one of the greatest collaborations of all time, you must zip on down to Vidl Winery at Cultura in Asheville, North Carolina. At least through the winter months, these two culinary marvels promise to bring you all the best, unfiltered berry wines and small bite plates. Beyond that, you’re sure to love their snazzy décor and friendly service that makes you feel right at home.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Cultura brings together two culinary geniuses to treat Asheville, North Carolina, to all the best food and drinks around. Through the winter, you can swing by their popup to sample all the most popular unfiltered berry wines from Vidl Winery plus interesting small bite plates.

Always made using fresh berries straight from Yakima Valley, Washington, their red and white wines are good enough to write home about. They don’t stop there either. More often than not, they’re infusing their reds and whites with botanicals and more to build out aromatized wines. With that move, they aim to boost your flavor experience and keep you coming back time and time again.

To complement their eclectic wine offerings, the Vidl Winery popup crew serves an interesting array of small bite plates. Each one is made using the highest quality ingredients and inventive prep techniques that leave you feeling more than impressed.

As they bring out each dish, you’ll just know they’re always having a blast with their creations. Their plating expertise is second to none, perfectly toeing the line between the art and food worlds. In fact, many of their dishes look so good, it’s difficult to mess with perfection and take that first bite.

Even though their food and drinks are reason enough to visit, their venue is well worth checking out as well. The restaurant itself is endlessly classy with its live plants, globe lights, and wine barrel accents throughout. But it’s the bathroom that leaves everyone jazzed up as it features gorgeous murals lit up in blacklight from end to end.

You absolutely must check out their:

When you want to treat your tastebuds to fresh, bright flavors, don’t hesitate to go with the Olives. Preserved using fermented garlic, lemon, and a whole lot of herbs, these olives will land you in snacking heaven at first bite.

Spring Rolls
The Spring Rolls beautifully boast powerful flavors that perfectly complement each other. They build these rolls in rice wrappers using smoked tasso, collard greens, and rice. Then, they add a touch of aioli to bring it all together before rolling each one up.

Charcuterie Board
When you just cannot decide what flavors to enjoy, the Charcuterie boards can come through in a big way. You can get their board as cheese only or with a mix of cured meats and local cheeses. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy all the rich flavors that land in front of you.

After returning home, you don’t have to go without Vidl wines for one second longer than you’d like. Instead, you can order up your favorites for delivery right to your doorstep. They have all their most popular options available to order online with just a few clicks of a button. After that, you can expect them to zoom them by your home, so you can keep your wine cooler well-stocked at all times.

Insider Tips:
-If you’re used to drinking traditional wine, their offerings might be a little outside your tastes. So, treat yourself to a flight before buying by the glass to see what suits your fancy.
-As the team experiments with new foods, their small bites menu changes constantly. To experience it all, plan to come in on a regular basis, so you don’t miss a thing.
-Vidl Winery at Cultura is only set to stay up and running through the winter. If you’re considering visiting, make your choice fast or risk missing out.