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The Blackbird

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The Blackbird - Superb Seasonal Dishes and Desserts in Asheville, NC
Written by: David Angotti
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
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Fittingly nestled in the heart of Asheville's Rainbow Arts District, The Blackbird features a colorful selection of traditional and southern cuisine with a personal touch. You'll enjoy the tastes of land and sea, seasonal fruits and vegetables, sumptuous desserts, and fun local micro-brews. The menus also feature plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options, as well as lunch specials for kids 12 and under.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

The Blackbird’s focus on seasonal flavors brings together fresh ingredients straight from local farms and the Carolina coast. And boy, do the chefs know how to make the food pop. From beef and lamb to trout and shrimp, each main ingredient is adorned with the perfect accompanying seasonings, sauces, and sides to deliver a spectrum of flavor. The salads were among the freshest we’ve had, and desserts such as the deconstructed mocha tarte and citrus Napoleon hit all the right notes. As the seasons change, so does the menu. A summer brunch and winter dinner will feel like two different restaurants, although the freshness of the ingredients and quality of the service will remain constant.

If you’re looking for a good wine, you’ve come to the right place. The Blackbird features a jaw-dropping selection of wines spanning the Americas, Europe, and Australia, including many aged for a decade or more. From romantic dinners to family gatherings to business meals, you’ll find the perfect drink for the occasion. If brews are more up your alley, you can swing by the Crowbar for specialty micro-brews, or stick to the classics you love.

The atmosphere is chic and elegant. Dark wood and ambient lighting create a relaxing upscale feel. Ample window seating is available, and the Crowbar is as classy as bars come. It’s an ideal setting for a lunch date or a night out with friends.

Parking is located in the Aloft Hotel parking garage on Biltmore Avenue, which will run you a few extra bucks if you exceed one hour. We spent close to two hours enjoying he Blackbird’s exquisite dishes and classy atmosphere and have no regrets.

The seasonally revolving menu offers plenty of freshly prepared dishes to indulge in. These were our top picks on recent visits:

Local Trout:
Freshly fished from the coast of the Carolinas, The Blackbird’s take on classic trout is among the best we’ve had in Asheville. A hearty portion of trout is served with a light quinoa and zucchini salad and topped with a sesame ginger vinaigrette, ripe cherry tomatoes, shaved onions, and an exquisite soy peanut glaze. A winning choice for seafood lovers.

This is a delicious and satisfying vegetarian dish that even omnivores will love. The Wellington opts for filo dough over the traditional pastry dough, giving it a unique texture. The inside is chock full of seasonal veggies that creates an unbeatable medley of farm fresh flavors. The dish also comes with spiced pecans, figs, whipped potatoes, and a winning jalapeno cherry sauce.

Crawfish Sliders: It’s traditional Louisiana flavor at its finest. Served with spiced mayo, lettuce, and a toasted roll, these sliders make a finger-licking-good introduction to your dining experience at The Blackbird.

Burger: There are times when nothing beats a good burger, and The Blackbird does their burger right. A house-made bun houses fresh hand-ground beef, a generous portion of pork belly, aged cheddar, mushrooms, and slow-caramelized onions. And don’t forget the fries! The quality of the ingredients puts this burger up in the ranks of Asheville’s finest burger joints.

Deconstructed Mocha Tarte: This tarte is almost too good to save until the end of the meal. A rich mocha mousse is shelled in chocolate and served with a spicy pecan wedge, whipped cream, and even more chocolate in the form of confetti and a creamy espresso sauce. It’s a fantastic finish to a fantastic dining experience at The Blackbird.

Insider Tips:
The dinner hours are popular throughout the week. We recommend making a reservation several days in advance. Brunch and lunch hours are usually much more accommodating, but feature different menu items.