Bottle Riot

Embrace Asheville's Wine And Music Scenes at Bottle Riot in the River Arts District
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4 / 5
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Bottle Riot brings curated wines and music to the heart of Asheville's River Arts District. This Wedge Studios staple is a must-visit for wine enthusiasts but also is a great place for enjoying imported beer, handcrafted cocktails, small bites, and friendly conversation.

- The Local Expert Team

Asheville might be a beer enthusiast’s dream come true, but the wine scene is also strong in this lovely city. This is immediately evident when checking out one of the hottest wine bars in town: Bottle Riot. This isn’t just a wine lover’s oasis in a beer-oriented town, however — it’s also a hit among the area’s many music lovers, as the wine bar often functions as a listening room.

Situated within the trendy River Arts District, Bottle Riot occupies a gorgeous space at the iconic Wedge Studios, where the neighborhood’s artsy vibes are fully on display. As you step inside, you will be taken aback by the vibrant and creative works on display. Take your time and observe these truly memorable works of art — this epitomizes the River Arts experience.

It’s impossible to truly capture the remarkable atmosphere at Bottle Riot. The pleasant vibes ensure repeat business, although, of course, regulars are always happy to continue broadening their horizons as they explore different types of wine. The ambiance can be described as chill, yet upbeat. Everyone is friendly and, while this is appreciated, it can feel difficult to leave once you’ve gotten a taste of this welcoming environment.

The patio is always delightful and, with help from heaters, it remains pleasant even as the air grows crisp in the fall. The interior is really where the decor shines, however, so you will want to take some time to explore even if you ultimately end up on the patio.

The wine selection is impressive, with something to suit every type of visitor. There are plenty of appealing red and white selections from California, France, and Italy, plus a few options from New Zealand and a few other important wine regions.

Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc…if you have a favorite, you can expect to find it on the far-reaching wine list. There are even a few less-expected options, including multiple orange wines. It should be abundantly clear that a lot of thought has been put into the wine selection. This is your chance to experiment with varieties you might never try — and to learn something new along the way.

If you prefer a handcrafted cocktail, you’re also in luck. This is a great place to order an Aperol spritz or a Negroni. Asheville’s status as a beer town should also be evident when you visit, although the beer list takes on more of a global feel: imports can be found from Belgium, Germany, and even Japan.

Struggling to choose the right beverage? Friendly recommendations are always available. Don’t be afraid to chat about the selections and to learn what, exactly, makes each offering special. You will come away with a newfound appreciation for fine wine or global brews.

While food is not typically the focus at this particular location, pop-up chef events are scheduled on occasion. Additionally, there is a small bites menu, with a few tasty selections that clearly complement the available wines.

Nuts, olives, and cheese are fun to nibble, but you may want to stop elsewhere before or after your wine adventure if you’re truly hungry. Thankfully, there are plenty of excellent options within a short walk of this Asheville hot spot.

Bottle Riot is the perfect fit for the River Arts District. This wine destination highlights several forms of passion and artistry, exemplifying not only a deep-seated love for fine wine, but also, for visual art, music, and the simple power of community. Stop by to discover why locals are so committed to this Asheville gem.

Insider Tips:
-Special events are always on the calendar at Bottle Riot — and many of them are highly memorable. From vinyl nights to internationally-inspired wine-tasting tours, there is always something going on.
-This is a pet-friendly destination, so feel free to bring your well-behaved pooch along for the fun. If, however, you don’t particularly enjoy outings in which other guests are accompanied by dogs, you might want to look elsewhere for your wine experience — like it or not, many regulars can be expected to show up with their four-legged friends.