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Pennycup Coffee Co.: Market Street’s Answer to Delicious Food and Coffee Galore
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

With every visit to Pennycup Coffee Co., you can expect to receive a warm welcome along with all the coffee and food you need to start your day off right. You can dine in, take your drinks to go, or even grab a bag of their fresh-roasted coffee for home.

- The Local Expert Team

Located right along South Market Street, Pennycup Coffee Co. serves as the place to go in downtown Ashville for excellent service, fresh-roasted coffee, and tasty snacks. Though limited in seating, at the inside of the café, you can find comfortable spots to chill and visit with friends or work on special projects. On busier days, you can elect to take your coffee and food to go. Either way, you will see their humble beginnings as a small-batch coffee roaster shine through all their amazing menu items.

Many of their special roasts are used in their inhouse creations plus are available for purchase by the pound. Each type of coffee served in the market café uses their custom or specialty roasts as a flavorful base, which they then build upon using high-quality ingredients. With their focus on sourcing sustainable green coffee and roasting it themselves, you can really feel good about your purchase while enjoying the finest flavors possible.

They also go above and beyond serving awesome coffee to provide everyone in the downtown area with delicious snacks. Although most offerings revolve around their exceptional bagels and cream cheese varieties, they also have house made granola and a random assortment of baked goods available.

You absolutely must try:

Housemade Granola
For a sweet kick, the Housemade Granola fits the bill and fills the belly quite well. It all starts with a generous helping of their fresh granola, prepared and baked in house. Then, they add yogurt or steamed milk, as selected, and top it all off with sweet berries.

Lox Bagel Sandwich
For something a little heartier, you can go with the Lox Bagel Sandwich, served on a plain, everything, asiago, cinnamon raisin, or egg bagel. Upon splitting your bagel in half, they smother it in cream cheese, and then pile high the smoked salmon, onion, capers, and tomato. If preferred, you can substitute gluten-free bread for the bagel.

Flavored Latte
Starting with their inhouse roasted beans, their flavored latte always promises to delight with its bold flavors and stunning appearance. Available in three sizes and a half dozen flavors, including caramel, white chocolate, and hazelnut, there are endless ways to enjoy this latte. Each cup receives a beautiful design on top to give you a little art with your pick-me-up.

R.A.D Specialty Coffee
With its mix of raw sugar, cinnamon, and cayenne, the R.A.D. specialty drink provides a zing unlike any other. Available in the 16 ounce size only, this sweet and spicy coffee comes with two espresso shots from the start. You can add another double shot for a dollar more, however. You can also sub out the milk for half and half or almond, soy, or oat milk.

Mexican Chiapas Coffee
If you want to start every day with a cup of Pennycup Coffee Co, but cannot always make it to the downtown area, a bag of their Mexican Chiapas Coffee is just the answer you are looking for. Used as the base of their signature cold brew, this whole bean, fresh roasted coffee has hints of lemon, fig, and almond within its rich cocoa base. A nutty aftertaste gives every sip a wonderful finish, helping you look forward to the next. You can acquire a bag of this whole bean coffee in one, three, and five pound sizes.

With each visit to Pennycup Coffee Co., you can pick up what you need to keep going strong all day and well into the evening hours.

Insider Tip:
– If you prefer to have all the coffee brewing done for you, pick up a mini growler of their signature cold brew and keep it in the fridge. When it is empty, you can bring it back for a refill time and time again.
– Once you find your favorite prepared coffee drink, ask them which roast acts as the base, then buy a bag for home. You can then try your hand at making your favorite drinks whenever you cannot get down to the café.