Old Europe Pastries

Old Europe Pastries ¬– A Rich Tradition of Serving Tasty Treats in Asheville
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4.5 / 5
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Coffee, pastries, and desserts of all kinds are always on tap at Old Europe Pastries. With their commitment to quality ingredients and precise baking techniques, it’s no surprise that their cozy Asheville, North Carolina, pastry shop often has a line out the door. No matter what you plan to order, it’ll be well worth the wait ­– and may even be gluten-free or vegan, too.  

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

When you’re hankering for homemade desserts and freshly brewed coffee, you can satisfy your cravings with a quick trip over to Old Europe Pastries. From their quaint pastry shop in Asheville, North Carolina, they serve up all the sweet treats anyone could want plus offer quality service to boot.

Right upon walking through the door, you’ll get a warm welcome and an invitation to check out all the treats in their bakery case. You can then focus on selecting all the items you want to try. Just be prepared to hem and haw a bit before finding your favorites since there are so many amazing things to consider.

Although traditional recipes and baking techniques stand at the forefront of all they do, many of their items end up being completely gluten-free. You wouldn’t know it, however, unless they told you since the flavors and textures are still on point. They even have a few vegan items on hand for those who want to skip the eggs and dairy.

As you browse all the delicious baked goods, don’t forget to treat yourself to a coffee, hot chocolate, or Italian soda as well. They are skilled baristas with the ability to create any drinks imaginable, including their traditional macchiato. They even have cold brew, black iced tea, and drip coffee if you want to keep it simple.

You can ask for your order to go and they will securely box it up for the ride home. Or just take your plate to one of their tables to enjoy your selections on the spot. They have comfortable indoor seating for every day of the week and outdoor tables for when the weather cooperates.

Their menu includes favorites like:

Until 11 am each day, you can get any of their breakfast offerings to order. They have croissants of all kinds, including chocolate-filled ones, plus banana bread, scones, and muffins. Their most popular breakfast item is their Cheese Danish, as it is a great way to start the day.

Available in a number of amazing flavors, their macarons are always prepared to perfection. You can buy them by the dozen, in sets of four, or just get one if you dare. Their flavors vary day to day, but they usually have Pistachio, Black Raspberry, and Lemon Curd in the case.

When filling the case with decadent delights, pastries are always a top priority. Eclairs, Cannoli, and Crème Brulee are just a few of the fantastic options they offer. But if you want out of this world flavor in every bite, you simply have to try their Turo Berry Tarte at least once.

Beyond serving up homebrewed coffee and fresh-baked desserts on demand, this team offers catering services as well. You just have to make your request 72 hours in advance to put your event on their schedule. They cater breakfast, pastries, and all their desserts for events of all sizes. Just let them know what you’d like to serve and they’ll make it happen.

Insider Tips: 
– Want to save some time? Make your order online for pickup at the front counter. You can also go through Takeout Central, GrubHub, or Kickback AVL to have your selections delivered.
– When ordering online, you can only get up to six of each item. If breakfast is on your mind, make sure to order 24 hours in advance to get all your top selections.
– If they still have breakfast items available after 5 pm, you’ll enjoy a 50% discount on each one you order. They heat up well in the microwave the next day, so don’t hesitate to treat yourself to your favorites.