Burgerworx at Grove Arcade

Burgerworx at Grove Arcade: Custom Crafted Burgers w/ 30+ Toppings! - TEMPORARILY CLOSED
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4.5 / 5
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Burgerworx allows you to craft your favorite burger or sandwich exactly as you like it. Despite this personalization, ordering is prompt and convenient. In addition to the burgers, there are fresh cut fries, cheese fries, onion rings, and homemade milkshakes. You'll be in and out in a jiffy, but quick to return for more.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Burgerworx is all about versatility. You choose the meat, the cheese, the veggies, and the sauce. You could visit every day for a year and never eat the same sandwich twice. And, with prices that beat most other Asheville burger joints, you’ll definitely want to return.

It may be named Burgerworx, but the restaurant serves far more than conventional burgers. Glance at the menu, and you’ll also observe quarter-pound hot dogs, chicken breasts, and egg sandwiches. Vegans may struggle, but vegetarians can absolutely get by here. Most visitors stick with classic burger patties, made from 100 percent all-American beef.

Given the vast selection, it might seem like ordering would be a nightmare. Yes, the process can be a bit confusing the first time you visit, but the staff is happy to help.

Begin by grabbing a marker and a clipboard with a laminated menu. Both are prominently placed under a sign marked ‘order.’ You’ll select your burger, hot dog, or sandwich for a base price. These can be served on an old-fashioned bun, a whole wheat bun, or in a bowl of lettuce (a popular option among gluten-free and health-conscious visitors).

Add cheese for a small extra charge, followed by as many ‘freebies’ as you desire. These include standards such as lettuce and tomatoes, but also cole slaw and cherry pepper relish. You can also choose from various extras with a charge attached, such as bacon, fried eggs, or grilled mushrooms. Check off your favorite side or dessert, and you’re good to go.

If you believe that the best burgers come accompanied by beer, you’ll definitely want add a bottle to your order. Burgerworx offers several local brews. You can also choose your favorite from a classic soda dispenser.

Ample indoor seating is provided in a clean and vibrant venue. Limited patio seating is also available. The vibe isn’t exactly relaxed, but you won’t be rushed out either.

Although Burgerworx encourages you to construct your own burger exactly as you see fit, this approach doesn’t appeal to everybody. Some visitors prefer to order from a small menu of house specialties. Favorites among these include the following:

Worx Burger
A perennial favorite in Downtown Asheville, the Worx Burger includes lettuce, tomatoes, onions, American cheese, and the special Worx sauce.

Black and Blue Burger
Blue cheese lovers will appreciate this delectable burger. Toppings are minimal, but that’s what makes it so great — all attention goes to the juicy meat and that mouthwatering blue cheese. In addition to cheese, this burger features grilled onions and a delightful Cajun seasoning.

Bulldog Burger
If you believe there’s no such thing as too much meat, you’ll appreciate the Bulldog Burger. This behemoth features a burger and a hotdog in a single, meaty sandwich. It also comes with grilled onions, pickled relish, and mustard.

BBQ Veggie Burger
Veggie options are decidedly limited on the house specialty menu, but with a burger this good, you probably don’t need anything else. This magnificent creation includes onion, pickles, slaw, and BBQ sauce on a vegetarian patty.

After you finish your burger, treat yourself to a creamy milkshake. You might have to split it with a friend — although the menu claims that shakes are 16 ounces, they’re mighty filling. Flavor choices include vanilla, chocolate, malt, strawberry, and peanut butter. Another great dessert option: an ice cream float.

The Burgerworx house specialty sandwiches are delicious, but nothing beats crafting your own burger. If you have time, you’ll definitely want to try the DIY approach at least once.

Insider Tips:
Frequent visitors can make ordering even more convenient with the Burgerworx app. Available for free on iOS and Android devices, the app accommodates both locations and is easy to navigate.