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Green Sage Cafe (Broadway)

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Green Sage Cafe — Trendy Cafe and Restaurant - TEMPORARILY CLOSED
Written by: David Angotti
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4.5 / 5
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Trendy cafe downtown in Asheville, North Carolina, the Green Safe Cafe caters to a number of dietary needs. Serves American style breakfast, lunch, and coffee dishes made using organic, locally sourced ingredients.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

The Green Sage Cafe is located in a big fancy building in downtown Asheville. The decor includes comfortable seating in a mix of booths and tables. The restaurant space is large enough to host parties, and Green Sage also caters for events.

The Green Sage Cafe has won multiple awards including the Best of WNCX No. 1 in Smoothies and Juices from 2013 to 2016 and Green/Sustainability-Friendly Restaurant at that same time. In addition, the restaurant has won awards for tea, healthy restaurant, salad, coffee, and sustainability. They clearly know what they are doing in terms of clean, healthy eating on a large scale foodie scene. This popular eatery also has locations in South AVL and Westgate.

The full menu is extensive. At Green Sage Cafe you can get sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, rice bowls, and burgers. Menu items like Kimchi Reuben, Green Beetle, Yogi Curry, Beetnik, and Veggie Quiche and Salad tell you about the type of food you will find here. The restaurant also serves a good selection of iced and hot coffees and espressos, as well as fresh-pressed juice and smoothies. They also specialize in coconut milkshakes in flavors like peppermint matcha. Beer and wine available if not in short supply.

An entire breakfast menu is available all day long and includes vegan items. The breakfast comes American style with omelets, hash browns, pancakes, sandwiches, and biscuits. Interesting side items include root hash, tofu herb scramble, maple chipotle tempeh bacon, and a vegan biscuit. Portions are massive and satisfying.

By the way, diners are served cafeteria style meaning you go through a line to pick your food. This keeps the crowds moving, and everyone needs to focus on the line to keep it moving. During peak times, such as Saturday morning or Sunday brunch, the line can be long.

Vegan delights, home-cooked classics, greasy pork bacon, and a side of root hash are just some of the items you will find on the menu at the Green Sage Cafe including these three stand-outs:

Avocado Toast with Smoothies
Whether you secretly crave it or have yet to try this interesting breakfast trend, you can order it here at Green Sage Cafe. It comes with an egg served your way for a fine finish to the dish or change it up with wild lox and avocado. Include one of the fruit smoothies of the day with your meal to get some tasty fruit and clean protein in your diet. For example, right now they are doing a Green Day Smoothie, made using mango, almond butter, almond milk, and chia seeds all organic.

Green Sage Plate
The Green Sage Plate is a vegetarian take on a classic hiker’s breakfast. Here you have a hearty plate weighed by homemade biscuits and mushroom gravy. The root hash is the side item everyone wants to try. Then you get some nutrient-rich sauteed kale and onions to boost your meal, along with two creamy sunny side eggs. It’s a super filling and tasty meal to help you start your day whether you plan to hike, to shop, or just do more eating along the way.

Appalachian Trail
Thanks to the area, the Appalachian Trail just seems like a fitting meal, especially if you plan on hopping on the trail at any time during the day. This meal comes with your standard hiker’s breakfast of eggs, root hash, and buttermilk biscuits. However, you can opt for a variety of proteins including a tempeh bakin’ or soysage, as well as pork bacon or turkey bacon.

Insider’s Tips
-Locals do not always frequent the Green Sage Cafe because it is part of a chain, even though it is conveniently located downtown in Asheville. That means you can hopefully get through without a long wait even for a Saturday brunch.
-They sell breakfast all day including giant homemade brown biscuits.
-Check out the seasonal special. Currently, they are offering Avo No Pescado, which is a vegan taco using organic chickpea soy-free hemp to create the fish-like patties. They are also selling a vegan milkshake called the Golden Milk Shake with turmeric, cardamom, and coconut milk ice cream for a decadent take on a healthy treat.