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Bonfire BBQ & Catering

Bonfire Barbecue-Slow-Smoked Meats and Vegetarian Dishes
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4 / 5
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The Bonfire Barbecue serves delicious slow-smoked meats that will satisfy BBQ lovers from Texas to Carolina. Vegetarians and vegans will love the fact that seitan is served along with other vegetarian options.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

When it comes to barbecue, there are a variety of styles. There is Texas, Kansas City, Memphis, and Carolina-style BBQ. Since every region brags that theirs is the best, Bonfire Barbecue serves a little from each location to satisfy the staunchest BBQ fan, even the vegan or vegetarian.

Unique to Bonfire Barbecue is the inclusion of seitan on their menu, which should pique vegan and vegetarian interest. Seitan, or “wheat meat,” is a vegan protein made by rinsing starch out of wheat dough. Unlike tofu, seitan has a meat-like texture described as tasting like bland chicken or Portobello mushrooms. It is excellent at absorbing spices, making it the perfect addition to Bonfire’s menu.

Bonfire Barbecue smokes their meat daily, so you can be sure it is fresh. Plate items come with two sides and hush puppies. They offer “premium sides” for a buck more that includes street corn, Brussels sprouts, mac casserole, okra fries, Jalapeño cheese grits, and triple greens. Classic BBQ sandwiches, including seitan, are served on a bun with one side, and you may also order their meat (yes, including seitan) by the pound.

Everyone knows aside from slow-smoking meat for authentic BBQ, great sauces are a must. Bonfire delivers six that represent all the BBQ areas mentioned above: KC Honey, SC Mustard, Bonfire, ENC WNC, Barn Burner, Reaper, and Buffalo. Need a beverage to cool off the heat or complement the smoky meat? Saunter up to the full-service bar and grab a beer or a mixed drink. They also serve iced tea, lemonade, and various soft drinks, all served in a classic roadhouse mason jar.

Bonfire Barbecue’s retro decor is reminiscent of classic roadhouse BBQ joints scattered across America. The atmosphere is relaxed and family-friendly. They have curbside pickup, outside seating and offer catering services as well. 

Using lean cuts of beef, Bonfire serves this savory Texas staple that is tender and juicy. Toss on one of their delicious sauces, like KC Honey, and you’ll be licking your chops for more. This plate comes with hush puppies and two sides.

Okra Fries
This starter is perfect for the carnivore and the vegetarian in your group. Whole okra is split, not breaded, and is flash-fried to a crispy, golden delight. Dunk them in the BBQ Ranch that comes with it for a delicious, crunchy treat.

These pork ribs are smoked with a dry rub to capture that Memphis-style of BBQ. These tender ribs are plentiful and can come with hush puppies and two sides.

Dark Crystal
No, this isn’t a fantasy movie or a sports drink. It is a vegetarian BBQ sandwich. Pulled seitan is served on a bun with coleslaw, KC Honey barbecue sauce, and one side dish.

Brussels Sprouts
You will find these gems in the “Premium Sides” category. Cooked to crunchy perfection, they are lightly seasoned and popular with the locals and visitors.

Whether you are from Texas, Memphis, West Coat Carolina, or somewhere in between, the food at Bonfire Barbecue will satisfy your appetite for BBQ.

Insider Tips:
Bring your appetite and your billiard skills to Bonfire Barbecue. Play a game of pool before, during, or after your meal!