5 Unforgettable Asheville Tours to Try This Year

Asheville, NC is a city with plenty to explore. From craft beer and coffee to hilarious personalities, Asheville has more nicknames than we can count to try to capture the unique character and sense of fun that’s found in this beautiful, funky mountain town. If you’re visiting for the first time, or if you’re a local who wants to learn more, a guided tour can be a really fun way to get to know the city from the inside out.

Read on for details on five outstanding Asheville tours, then get out there and enjoy the adventure!

1. LaZoom Tours

If you’re in need of a good laugh, look no further than Lazoom Tours! Founded by a comedian couple from New Orleans, LaZoom brings a theatrical and totally over the top vibe to their range of bus tours, which also happen to offer awesome info about Asheville history, music, and even ghosts! Choose from their City Comedy Tour, Haunted Comedy Tour, Band and Beer Tour, or, for visitors under 17, a Kids’ Comedy Tour where the belly laughs get toned down for the littles. The first three tours are all for riders aged 17+ and those 21 and over are welcome to bring aboard beer or wine for the ride. If the 60-minute tour still leaves you craving laughs, you can keep the good times rolling by stopping by the LaZoom Room, the home base for the theatrical and zany world of LaZoom tours. Here, you can sip drinks, listen to great comedians, and plan your next wild adventure through Asheville! As a final note, costumes aboard the LaZoom Tours bus are absolutely welcome, so consider stocking up on goofy sunglasses and feather boas when you book your tour to make the most of this unique Asheville experience.

2. Moving Sidewalk Tours

Nope, not moving sidewalk like at the airport, instead, imagine yourself and a group of friends or family cruising through Asheville on your own motorized Segway! Asheville’s Moving Sidewalk tours offer two-hour tours through the sights of the city from atop a self-balancing, motorized platform that’s accessible for anyone aged 10 and up. Each tour is accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who will make sure you know how to operate the Segway safely and ensure you get tons of info about the sight and stories that make up Asheville. Prepare for an excellent tour by bringing weather appropriate clothing, a camera, and a small wallet or bag for stops along the way. Helmets are provided, so be sure to get a safe and silly selfie of your crew before you take off!

3. Asheville Brews Cruise

Sipping a cold beer more your style? Then Asheville Brews Cruise is the tour for you. One of the original beer tours, Asheville Brews Cruise was started in 2006 and has since expanded to a dozen locations. Guests climb aboard the “brew bus,” then enjoy having an informative designated driver transport them to several local breweries in the area, all while sharing insight into the history of the beer revolution and fun facts about the local craft breweries. A word to the wise: each brewery stop offers several generous pours, so it’s easy to get a little wobbly without realizing it! Be sure to drink water, order snacks, or plan your tour before a meal to stay upright after a full day of tasty beer samples.

4. Asheville Coffee Tours


Looking for a tour that’s a little more stimulating? Asheville Coffee Tours is a great non-alcoholic alternative to a brewery tour. A walking tour, you’ll also get to stretch your legs and cover some ground as your group walks from one cool coffee spot to the next, all while learning about the coffee scene in Asheville, along with insider tips on roasting, grinding, and preparing delicious coffee beans. The tour lasts about 2.5 hours in total, which feels like just the right amount to wander through a couple of spots while getting little jazzed up on the finest local caffeine Asheville has to offer. A few spots also sell tasty pastries and other treats, so plan to bring some extra cash to purchase nibbles or gifts to take home, including aromatic bags of freshly roasted coffee.

5. Asheville Detours

Visiting Asheville for a special event, like a bachelorette or reunion, means you’ve got to do something extra special to mark the occasion. Asheville Detours is just the thing! A carefully designed scavenger hunt based around local food, shopping, culture, and craft cocktails, your group will go on a curated adventure through Asheville with plenty of perks along the way, all while collaboratively solving puzzles. Choose from Girls Night Out, Family Fun, Team Building, or Bachelorette night tours to find the experience that’s just right for your group! While adult bevies are definitely part of the experience, sober guests and those under the age of 21 are welcome to attend, and tasty non-alcoholic alternatives will be provided.

Taking a tour is a great way to get some inside info into the community and culture that make Asheville so special. Start your vacation or staycation off right with a tour, then let the spirit of fun and adventure keep going throughout your stay!