Sevier Distilling Company

Discover the Spirit of Appalachia at the Sevier Distilling Co.
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5.0 / 5
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Pay homage to Appalachia's finest distilling traditions at the Sevier Distilling Co., where you can taste a variety of spirits and see how they're produced. Offering free tours, unique VIP experiences, and a pleasing array of products for sale, this location just might foster a new appreciation for all that goes into Appalachian distilling.

- The Local Expert Team

Appalachian traditions meet the contemporary drinking scene at Sevier Distilling Co., which honors the art of local alcohol production — and the fun of consuming the region’s finest spirits. All this occurs within an inviting facility that boasts a refreshingly down-to-earth atmosphere. These pleasant vibes are possible, in part, because the Sevier Distilling Co. is located just far enough from the main drag to avoid the crowds that similar locations in Gatlinburg tend to attract.

Drawing on recipes and techniques dating back to the 1700s, the Sevier Distilling Co. makes the most of wisdom passed down through several generations, while also adding new flavors and other tweaks to give each creation a distinctively modern feel. Enthusiasts can rest assured, knowing that every drop they sample can be credited to master craftsmen who are genuinely passionate about distilling.

While experts can find a lot to appreciate about the tasting experience at the Sevier Distilling Co., this location also appeals to casual drinkers. Even skeptics can come away with a newfound appreciation for the spirits served and sold here. Hence, the popularity of the distillery’s free tour and tasting experience, which provides a small sampling of the creative flavors and masterful techniques that make the featured products so enticing.

If you opt for the free tour, you’ll get to check out the distillation room, where the spirits are fermented, distilled, and bottled. Your guide will provide intriguing details about the distilling process. Feel free to ask questions about the techniques used at this facility and throughout Appalachian history. You’ll be impressed by the depth of knowledge that each guide possesses. The staff members’ friendly attitude should not be discounted, with jokes and personal anecdotes adding to the appeal of the tour.

While the free tour may satisfy your curiosity about the distilling process, there’s no shame in attending purely for the purpose of tasting as many products as possible. This sense of adventure is clearly encouraged at the Sevier Distilling Co., where you’re welcome to sample a variety of spirits before you choose a few favorites to purchase.

If you’d like to take your distillery experience to the next level, consider booking the available VIP Mixology Tour. This exclusive opportunity is perfect for special occasions such as bachelor and bachelorette parties. It also makes for a wonderful date night.

No matter who joins in on the VIP journey, it’s bound to be exciting, as it includes a private tour complete with Appalachian cocktails that are both delicious and culturally meaningful. As a participant, you’ll also receive a recipe booklet, shot glasses, and other keepsakes to remind you of your special distillery experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a paying participant or simply on the hunt for free samples. Either way, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and invited to hang out with guides who are clearly passionate about distilling. Take your time to explore the unique environment at the Sevier Distilling Co. — you just might emerge with a newfound interest in Appalachian spirits.

Insider Tips: 
– This dog-friendly distillery encourages you to visit alongside your four-legged companion. Better yet, the owner has a friendly dog who, if you’re lucky, will be on-site and happy to hang out.
– In addition to being served during mixology tours and tasting experiences, the spirits produced at the Sevier Distilling Company can be found at a variety of local bars and restaurants. Favorites include Holston’s Kitchen and The Roaming Gnome, among others.