Great Smokies Flea Market

Find a Deal of a Lifetime at the Great Smokies Flea Market
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4 / 5
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Beginning in the 1990s with a small collection of dealers, Great Smokies Flea Market today has grown into the most visited flea market in the state, with 1,000 of vendors including locally sourced produce, and handcrafted items. Come join the 15,000 shoppers per week that visit this location and enjoy this unique shopping experience. 

- The Local Expert Team

Known as the #1 flea market in all of Tennessee, the Great Smokies Flea Market in Kodak, TN is open year-round, with the biggest stock of items in the area. In fact, the Great Smokies Flea Market was even named East Tennessee’s #1 Destination for family fun and deep discounts on everything you love! With over 1,000 regular vendors, the product selection is immense.

As anyone who frequents the area knows, a visit to the Smokies is simply not complete without some serious shopping and deal-finding. Of course, typical mall shopping can become a little predictable, taking away some of the adventures of the outing. On the other hand, when you make your destination the largest and most visited flea market in the state, you won’t have to worry over lackluster product options. The thrill of the hunt can keep you going all day on-premise with shopping categories and product options as numerous as the billowing cloud coverage that gives the area its nickname “The Smokies.”

At the Great Smokies Flea Market, variety is essential. Consequently, you can choose from thousands of different retailers on-site, showcasing an enormous selection of items. You can find everything from locally sourced fresh produce to clearance stock to furniture, automotive supplies and much, much, more.

Due to the nature of the flea market shopping experience with ever-changing vendors and retailers, the stock is always different. This means the selection of items remains fresh and new each and every time you visit. Even the standard vendors who have booths at the flea market are constantly changing the stock they feature, so you never have to worry about seeing too much of the same products or not finding adequate variety to choose from during your outing.

The Great Smokies Flea Market is not only the largest of its kind in the state, but it is a family-friendly environment, where the entire family can enjoy a day of fun and shopping. This even goes for the four-legged family members as the flea market is proudly pet friendly, providing you keep your pet on a leash, and they behave well at all times.

This immensely popular location boasts over 1,000,000 visitors a year. The inside/outside design allows for some 200,000 square feet of shopping possibilities on-site, with 100,000 square feet of inside temperature-controlled space. The Great Smokies Flea Market is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm, rain or shine.

This guest-favorite destination provides lots of free paved parking, numerous clean restrooms, and complimentary WiFi on site. The staff is friendly and helpful, ensuring you find the must-have items for which you are searching. Add to this the fact that there are also food vendors, like Geno’s Pizza, Simon Subs, and the Great Smokies Grille, on-site providing delicious cold and hot food and treats means you can stay on-site for the entire day. Food options include fresh pizza, hot, juicy cheeseburgers, salads, calzones, cheese sticks, hot wings, hot dogs, breakfast items, and other traditional family favorites.

In addition to the ample vendors and product varieties, the Great Smokies Flea Market also has a liquidation center, which features extravagant gifts and personal purchases of brand names for close-out prices. There is also a farmer’s market featuring seasonal favorites and locally sourced produce. Whether you are looking for specialty items, clothing, pet products, name-brand items, souvenirs, handmade crafts, or more, it can likely be found at the Great Smokies Flea Market. Guests rave about the selection, the prices, the customer-centric shopping design, and the superb customer service by the staff. It is well worth a visit when you are in the area.

Insider Tips:
-EBT payments are accepted in certain areas at the Great Smokies Flea Market.
-The shopping space is handicap friendly, with wheelchair availability upon request.
-Sunday morning worship service is provided on-site for those who are interested.
-The space is RV friendly.