Aerial Adventure Park

Aerial Adventure Park –Have Fun While Enjoying a Beautiful View of Sevierville
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4 / 5
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Are you looking for an unforgettable adrenaline rush? Set your sights on a visit to Aerial Adventure Park in Sevierville. At this popular park, five amazing zip lines and a sky-high obstacle course promise to get your heart thumping through every moment.

- The Local Expert Team

Aerial Adventure Park is the place to go when you want to have fun while enjoying a breathtaking view. You can count on this Sevierville park to treat you to the ultimate adrenaline rush while taking a whirlwind trip down its five ziplines. If that’s not exciting enough, you can also put yourself to the test on their sky-high obstacle courses.

You’ll find this adventure park at Sun Outdoors Pigeon Forge, located in the Smoky Mountain foothills. Although the aerial park attracts visitors all on its own, this RV camping site also has a swimming pool, lazy river tube float, hot tub, splash pad, fitness center, arcade, sports courts, and so much more. It’s a popular place for people to stay when in the area for festivals, leaf-peeping season, and other special occasions.

You’re welcome to come by for the day or spend a week or more here. Either way, you’re going to want to give their aerial park a try. For day trips, they offer a two-hour pass if you’d like to keep your visit short, or you can stay and play all day for a bit more. Since their obstacle courses are 20 feet in the air or higher, this experience is only available for kids ages nine and up. Adults can also come along for the ride if they’re feeling up to the challenge.

Youngsters might want to start on the 20-foot high “easy” course, featuring rope swings, bridges, and climbing nets. There’s also a more difficult 40-foot-high course with similar obstacles, but it’s a lot more challenging since it’s so high off the ground. Both courses offer phenomenal views, so take the time to check out the surrounding area whenever you can.

Before going on either course, the guides will review the safety rules and help you get into your harness. They’ll also show you how to clip onto the lines and get acquainted with the obstacles.  Pay close attention to the safety rules during this part of your trip. There are many things to remember. For example, you cannot put too many people on any one platform or step on the marked wires, or an accident could happen.

If you need any assistance, your guides will be right nearby, ready to lend a helping hand. You can give them a shout, although they’ll likely swing over to help before you even get a word out. Sometimes, they’ll simply yell encouragement your way if you hesitate while moving through the course. The guides are also excellent at giving people space if they seem like they’re doing fine navigating the obstacles on their own.

The obstacle course gets the most attention from visitors, but the ziplines are well worth a try. Although they’re shorter than other zipline courses in the area, it’s still thrilling to go down the line at breakneck speed. Unlike other ziplines, you won’t want to try any tricks, like riding upside down. The harnesses only wrap around your waist and legs instead of going over your chest and shoulders as well. So, if you flip upside down, you risk sliding out. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to stay upright.

Insider Tips:
-Stop moving and wave a guide over if you’re uncomfortable or uncertain at any point in your zipline or obstacle course experience.
-Parents are encouraged to stick by their kids’ side during this adventure. Many kids have trouble snapping the carabiners on the safety ropes on their own—or simply forget to do so.
-Their open hours are not correct online, likely because they change often. Call to get their current hours before you head out.
-Going through the entire upper and lower courses from beginning to end takes about two hours in total.
-There’s no bathroom on site. You’ll need to walk over to the RV park to use the restroom when needed.