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Cancun Mexican Grill and Bar

Cancun Mexican Grill and Bar – A True Hidden Gem in the Heart of Sevierville
Written by: Jasmin Diaz
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Cancun Mexican Grill and Bar offers the ultimate dining experience, complete with flavorful meals made using traditional recipes. Their delicious menu items are reason enough to come by, but you’ll also love their welcoming atmosphere and quality service. Just be sure to arrive at this Sevierville eatery with a huge appetite, so you can get a taste of all their most popular dishes.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Cancun Mexican Grill and Bar is all about serving mouth-watering dishes with a smile. The talented chefs at this Sevierville restaurant create each meal with care, following traditional recipes that bring out the authentic flavors of Mexico. Only the finest ingredients go in each dish, too, ensuring you get the highest quality food at each visit. Their staff completes the experience by making every patron feel like the guest of honor and offering attentive service throughout the meal.

If you’d like to experience all this eatery offers, you’ll need to prepare for a bit of a wait. Unsurprisingly, they stay busy most of the day all week long. Their staff works hard to seat each party as quickly as possible, though. So, don’t go far if no tables are available when you arrive. Your server will come out to assist you the moment a spot opens up. In the meantime, simply soak in the ambiance and admire the restaurant’s décor.

Due to its popularity, Cancun Mexican Grill and Bar has a lively atmosphere, with the energetic buzz of conversation creating a vibrant dining experience. The energetic atmosphere pairs perfectly with their ultra-colorful décor. All the tables and chairs feature gorgeous artwork made using a rainbow of colors. These artistic elements include landscapes, sunrises, flowers, and other attractive designs to elevate the beauty of the space.

Once you’re seated, your meal will begin with a basket of chips and salsa. As you nibble on hot, flavorful chips, kick back and start studying the menu. You’ll need to take your time to get through every last page because they’re all packed with tempting dishes. You can also order margaritas or other tasty drinks to sip on while you decide what to order for your entrée.

The entrée options range from fajitas and enchiladas to specialties like Molcajete. You cannot go wrong no matter what you order, so pick something randomly if you cannot decide. Or ask your server for their recommendations and then get ready for the meal of a lifetime.

Swing by Cancun Mexican Grill and Bar to try their:

Queso Flameado
The Queso Flameado is a truly unique spin on chips and dip. This starter begins with a dish of melted Monterey jack cheese. Over that, the chef adds sizzling hot chorizo, bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes. A big basket of fresh tortilla chips comes alongside, so you can dip to your heart’s content.

Arroz Con Pollo
A true lunch favorite, the Arroz Con Pollo is the way to go when you’re craving bite after bite of bold flavors. This meal begins well before you arrive with chicken marinating in a unique blend of herbs and spices. Once you order, the chicken gets sauteed with veggies before cheese gets melted over the top of it all. On the side, you get Mexican rice, guacamole, lettuce, sour cream, and tortillas.

When you simply cannot decide what to order, treat yourself to the Molcajete. This smorgasbord of flavors features chicken, beef, chorizo, and shrimp, all cooked perfectly with various veggies. After that, tomatillo salsa goes in a lava rock dish before getting topped with the meat, veggies, and melted cheese. As if all that’s not enough, rice, beans, and tortillas to complete your meal.

Do your best to save room for dessert if at all possible. Their sweet treats are second to none, making them a must-try at every visit. You can choose from favorites like Sopapillas, Banana Chimichangas, and Flan. If you’re unsure which to get, go with their Fried Ice Cream to enjoy vanilla and cinnamon flavors in every bite.

Insider Tips:
-Although it’s always pretty busy, the flow of patrons slows down in the early afternoon. So, come by for a late lunch or early dinner to beat the crowds.
-Like your food extra spicy? Ask for their hot salsa when you order your meal.
-If you come into Cancun Mexican Grill and Bar for a happy hour, remember that the drink specials change daily. Ask your server what they offer that day before deciding what to order.