Sevierville Weather and Average Temperatures by Month

Situated in easter Tennessee, Sevierville is a gorgeous town nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. This is a gorgeous community where visitors can enjoy boating the Pigeon River, touring local wineries, and so much more. But before you set a date and start packing your clothes, it might help to get an idea of the type of weather you can expect during your travels.

Take a look at the following Sevierville annual weather patterns:

Sevierville Weather and Average Temperatures by Month


Average High: 44°
Average Low:

January is the coldest month for Sevierville. Sevierville has an average of about five days of snowfall during this month, with the outlying areas getting even more. If you’re looking for a winter wonderland hike amidst frozen waterfalls and caves boasting icicles, then this is a good time to book your trip.


Average High: 49° 
Average Low: 
Average Snowfall: 1.3 inches

February is just a bit warmer than January. This similar temperature means visitors can expect about the same average of five days of snow for the month. Of course, being a shorter month in days, this does mean that February is technically the month with the most snowfall for Sevierville.


Average High: 57°
Average Low: 

March is officially the first month of spring — but it is a pretty mild transition as any given year will typically see about two or three days of snow this month in Sevierville. Additionally, you can expect a lot of rain this month, with an average of nearly 16 full days of rain. That means it will rain, on average, every other day you visit in March, so make sure you pack a raincoat and umbrella.


Average High: 67°
Average Low:

April is a balmy month if a rainy one. You can expect an average of 15 days of rain for Sevierville this month but very, very rarely will it snow at all. This is the month when many of the wildflowers around the region start to come into bloom. Those flowers paired with the warmer but still light jacket weather make April a prime time for hiking and other outdoor adventures around Sevierville.


Average High: 76°
Average Low:

No more risk of any snowfall in May, but still a lot of rain. This town gets about 16 days on average of rain each May. The good news is that May is when days really start to lengthen, with the average day length being 14.1 hours in May. May is a gorgeous spring month with plenty of blooming flowers and trees rich with new leaves.


Average High: 84°
Average Low:

June is the first true month of summer and an ideal time to visit Sevierville if you are looking for water adventures on the Pigeon River. Lots of rain this month, however, with Sevierville averaging 16.8 rainfall days and 2.2 inches of precipitation each June.


Average High: 86°
Average Low:

Temperatures barely inch up for this month. Slight differences but these differences do make July the warmest month of the year for Sevierville. It also tends to be the rainiest, averaging a whopping 18.9 days of rain. That’s two-thirds of the month! This high heat mixed with tons of rains creates a more humid environment (only December has a higher humidity) that may not be comfortable for all travelers.


Average High: 85°
Average Low:

August temperatures dip almost imperceptibly from July’s. However, this is when the area starts drying up and the average rainfall (and thereby relative humidity rates) drops to 16 days per month. This is a great month to visit the Tennessee town if you like a hotter, dryer vacation.


Average High: 80°
Average Low:

A true border month, September for some is the very waning of summer while others see it as the first of autumn. The lovely temperatures support both. When booking your vacation, you can expect to see more hot days the first two weeks of the month and more cool ones the last two weeks.


Average High: 68°
Average Low:

October is one of the most popular times to visit Sevierville. People from around the country flock to town in order to experience the beautiful leaf changes in the surrounding mountains and countryside. It also helps that the weather is downright perfect here. The weather during this time is the perfect bonfire and fire pit weather.


Average High: 56°
Average Low:

November is another one of those odd border months in which it partly features very autumn weather, but later in the month, the temperature drops to a decidedly winter setting. While this average is above freezing, some days do drop further down and as such, this month sees about 1.5 days of snow a year.


Average High: 49°
Average Low:

Officially winter, December is a chilly month for Sevierville. The town gets a lot of rain (averaging 12.5 days of rainfall) and a handful of snowfall days every year. So make sure you pack the winter gear if you travel this month.

For All Months, You Will Find Fun in Sevierville

Sevierville is a dynamic town with plenty of attractions to excite, inform, and engage visitors. Just make sure you pack the right clothes and choose the best month for your temperature preferences in order to best enjoy what Sevierville has to offer. And don’t forget to check our other pages to see some of the town’s best attractions in detail!