New in 2023: Sevierville’s Newest Restaurants and Attractions

What is a vacation without good food? Most people when they travel are going to eat out at least once, if not for most of their vacation. Trying new flavors is, after all, an integral part of exploring a new area, and so a vacation to Sevierville wouldn’t be complete without trying one or more of their fantastic restaurants. And there are plenty to choose from! In fact, Sevierville is becoming quite the up-and-coming food and beverage destination with an exciting array of new restaurants and related attractions springing up in recent years.

The following is just a quick look at some of the new places that await you on your upcoming trip to Sevierville, TN:

1. Pinchy’s Lobster & Beer Co

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This one isn’t a brand new entity, but it is a brand new location and change-up. Pinchy’s Lobster & Beer Co. started out as a food truck in August 2020 and it was an instant hit. Here, the chefs took traditional New England cuisine and added just the right amount of flavor to make it more uniquely fit Nashvilian tastes. Their hot lobster rolls and homemade potato chips couldn’t be sold fast enough and soon they opened up a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Franklin. The Franklin spot closed last year to make way for this brand new Sevierville spot that features all those New England treats plus tasty brews to wash it all down with.

2. Trotter’s Whole Hog BBQ

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In Texas, BBQ is all about the beef, but here in Tennessee, it’s all about hogs. At Trotter’s Whole Hog BBQ, barbecue is all about every part of the hog. You will find this new and already beloved barbecue joint located in downtown historic Sevierville. Trotter’s Whole Hog BBQ is an especially great spot to go if you’re traveling with a big group or want to take home a big box of barbecue for later. That’s because they have some pretty fantastic bulk deals on their barbecue, including their Hank Box which has enough meats, sides, toast, and more to feed 8 to 10 people.


3. The Pines

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The Pines is a new establishment within a classic location. The building that this new food and entertainment venue is in was once an old theater where the community came together (local legend Dolly Parton even had her first paid performance here). Now, the community comes together in a different way at this new rendition. The Pines now features a whole host of bar and social games like gan Jenga, Dutch shuffleboard, snook ball, shelves full of board games, and much more. These activities paired with a great food and drink menu makes The Pines a great place to go to unwind and enjoy the company of your traveling group.

4. Xperia: Ocean Journey

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Okay, this one doesn’t quite fit our list as it isn’t within the food and beverage part of the Sevierville industry; but it is a brand-new attraction that is opening up in late spring 2023. Xperia: Ocean Journey will open as a 40-foot curved 3D Tome Theater that brings the wonders of the ocean to life. Here, stunning visual effects, outstanding surround sound, and other cutting-edge technology will make it possible to experience marine animals without the controversialness of keeping such massive animals confined. Here, you will see life-sized humpback whales and giant battling squids in stunning 3D.

5. Buc-ee’s Sevierville

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If you travel throughout the south by road at all, then you have probably encountered a Buc-ee’s before. If you haven’t, well, they certainly are quite the experience. This new Buc-ee’s in Sevierville will be the largest Buc-ee’s in the country at an incredible 74,000 square feet. Wait, just what is in that 74,000 square feet you ask? Well, Buc-ee’s is at heart a gas and convenience store where you can fuel up and grab snacks on your journey. However, this brand is so much more than your basic Shells and even Wawas. This unique convenience store chain features delicious southern snacks (like a sweet caramelized corn snack called “beaver nuggets” that has just the right amount of crunch), branded apparel, packaged goods, camping gear, and so much more. The Sevierville Buc-ee’s is already branding itself as a gateway shop and stop for the millions who take exit 407 on Interstate 40 to head into the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

6. Wilderness at the Smokies Expansion

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Wilderness at the Smokies is a multifaceted waterpark resort and family adventure center featuring its own on-site restaurant, rooms, and more. This is a great place to do it all in Sevierville and it is about to get a whole lot more exciting with their upcoming spring 2023 expansion. This multi-million dollar expansion is going to include more water-themed rides, a new suspended roller coaster, a new XD theater, and new locations to dine and stay. We are especially excited about the upcoming Peak Rooftop Bar and Grill which will feature its own entertainment staging area and three rooftop cabanas for big parties to relax and enjoy dinner and drinks.

7. The Neighborhood Beer House

The Neighborhood Beer House is a fresh new tavern that already prides itself on having the most taps in all of East Tennessee. This new Sevierville establishment is located near the Green Olde-Deal Antique Mall at River Mill Road. Enjoy a drink on their dog-friendly patio and then meander across the parking lot to find some unique vintage items.

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Sevierville is a fantastic spot to stay, dine, and find entertainment — and these new restaurants and attractions promise to give even more to locals and tourists alike. That said, there are also plenty of classic things outside of this list that is sure to keep you around and coming back to the area. Visit our website and other pages to learn more about this mountainside town and all it has to offer.