4 Must-Visit Flea Markets in Sevierville

Whether you’re a collector, love the maximalist style, or just like vintage items, flea markets open the doors to amazing finds. Although you could just look online, there’s definitely something special about holding the items in your hands and seeing them up close. If that sounds like just what you need, plan to visit Sevierville soon to check out the best flea markets in the region.

Here are the top four spots to help you start this incredible journey: 

Great Smokies Flea Market

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Every weekend, over 15,000 shoppers come through the Great Smokies Flea Market on the hunt for treasures, and for good reason. This flea market features over 1,000 indoor and outdoor vendor booths, multiple restaurants, outside pavilions, and more. Beyond that, it’s pet-friendly, made to explore in large groups, and even has complimentary Wi-Fi for all its patrons.

You can easily spend the entire day working your way through the booths without seeing them all. That’s why so many people make a whole weekend out of their visit. They then come back again the next week to do it all over again. The farmer’s market sweetens the deal even more by giving people a reliable place to buy the freshest fruits, veggies, and so much more.

When you come by, start by exploring all the vendors outdoors, and then head inside for even more shopping fun. Each vendor has a 10-foot by 10-foot booth or bigger chockful of all their best finds for the week. When hunger strikes, you also have many grill and food vendors to choose from, all serving up their tasty hot meals, cold snacks, and refreshing beverages.

Flea Traders Paradise

Since 1991, Flea Traders Paradise has been the go-to spot for vintage finds, handmade crafts, and so much more. At this 40,000-square-foot shopping center, hundreds of vendors are set up in well-designed stalls. Most of the vendors are located indoors, but there are more than a few outside, too.

As you look around, you’ll notice that all the goods are artfully arranged for your careful consideration. You can ask to see the items up close if you want and learn more about the origins of each piece. Many of the same vendors come back each week, although their items change on the regular.

If you work up an appetite looking around, you can stop by one of the many food vendors on site for a bite to eat. There are usually sandwiches, burgers, ice cream, and many other delicious tidbits available at any given time.

Ideally, you’ll want to come by relatively early. This way you can get a parking space upfront and explore the offerings from each vendor before other people get to them. If you can’t make it until later, be prepared to search for a parking spot before being able to make your way inside.

Green Olde Deal Antique Mall

Photo Credit by @copperridgerelics on Instagram

With a trip to Green Olde Deal Antique Mall, it’s easy to find unique and awe-inspiring treasures that have survived many years. From taxidermy bobcats and paintings to old signs and dishware, there’s definitely a little something for everyone at this flea market.

Although all the wares are spread out in one cohesive space, individual vendors have their items on consignment and control the prices. So, you can expect prices to vary wildly from section to section as a result. If you look high and low for just what you want, you can usually find the exact item or similar for a fair price, however.

Plan to spend at least two hours combing through all the sections to really get a feel for what’s on offer. You will need to keep an eye out for reproductions to avoid getting a new item that simply looks old. If you’re unsure what you’re looking at, skip it or look online for info about what telltale markings to check for.

Unlike other flea markets, this location does not have any food vendors on site. Plan to grab a bite to eat before you come by, or you’ll likely end up feeling famished by the time you leave.

Memory Lane Antique Mall 

Photo Credit by @colleenbreuning on Instagram

Searching for great deals is always a fun time at Memory Lane Antique Mall. Tons of vendors have their booths set up side by side all throughout this mall. Each booth caters to a different demographic, ensuring everyone can find something that speaks to them.

Depending on where you look, there are toys from the 50s, table settings from the 70s, jewelry from all eras, and tons more. Every item is clean and ready to take home to enjoy to the fullest. The vendors are knowledgeable about what they have and can often share a bit of the history of each piece if you ask.

Haggling is encouraged, if not outright required to get the best price. The items don’t even have a price tag on them half the time. Just ask what the vendor would like for the piece and then be prepared to provide a counteroffer.

You won’t find any food at this antique mall, either. Look for a spot to enjoy a quick meal before you come by so you’re ready to search out the most iconic items and haggle for the best prices.

How to Make the Most of Your Flea Market Explorations

A constantly changing inventory is the name of the game when it comes to flea markets. You never really know what you’ll find when you swing by. So, plan to check back often to see what’s new and discover fantastic finds that weren’t there before. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with tons of rare treasures to fill out your collection or simply dress up your home décor.

When looking for something in particular, ask the flea market vendors if they’ll keep an eye out. You’re more likely to find the items on their shelves the next time, but be prepared to pay a premium. The higher price is often worth finding just the right item when you want it, though.

You can always try to haggle them down a bit if you’d like. Just be prepared to walk away if you cannot get them to agree to a price that suits your budget. If you do walk away, return next week to try again if the item is still there.