Your Guide to 2020 Winter Events in Sevierville

Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg might get all the attention, but that doesn’t mean Sevierville doesn’t join in on the winter celebrations. In fact, these three sister cities always come together for the Smoky Mountain Winterfest to get everyone hyped for this joyful season. Starting November 13th, the Christmas lights come out in full force, more than 15 million actually, as do all the incredible events. Ready to see what Sevierville has up its sleeve? Here’s a look at all the 2020 winter events it has in store.

Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland

From day one of the Smoky Mountain Winterfest, Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland rolls out the red carpet for those looking to celebrate. For the Sevierville crowd, they will appear at the Smokies Baseball Stadium with custom light displays galore — and a whole lot of Christmas spirit. You just have to tune your radio to the given station to watch the lights dance in sync with the music.

Appearing alongside all those glittering lights will be Santa himself and all his friends, including the eight tiny reindeer you know and love. The Little Ponderosa Zoo Animals will certainly be in attendance as well. Bring along your dough to grab a few souvenirs along the way and treat yourself to all your favorite concessions.

The crowds appear starting Friday night and go through Sunday evening, all abuzz about the magic of the season. If you want a more leisurely experience, plan to attend during the weekdays instead. You have until January 3rd, 2021 to get a glimpse, so don’t worry about missing out.

Wilderness at the Smokies

With their indoor Wild WaterDome onsite, Wilderness at the Smokies serves as the place for fun and excitement all year round. You can warm up with a trip to the Magnolia Grove Hot Spa or get your blood pumping by hopping on the Storm Chaser Thrill Ride.

But it’s in the winter when they take the experience to the next level by building their beloved outdoor ice-skating rink. Their custom rink opens November 13th and runs through January 10th. With its fun wintertime aesthetic and chill ambiance, you can easily spend evening after evening perfecting your moves on the ice.

Beyond your jacket, hat, and mittens, you don’t even need to have your own gear to participate. You can simply rent your ice skates upon arriving at the rink and use them to blast across the ice to your heart’s content.

Sevierville’s Christmas Parade

The Sevierville’s Christmas Parade will hit the streets on December 5th, starting at 11am and running until 1pm. Now in its 58th year, this parade always gets everyone ready for Christmas and all that the holiday brings.

As is tradition, Santa Claus will make his big appearance at the end of the parade. But before that, you get to see all the local talent strut their stuff and show off their skills. You’ll see creative floats made by hand in the months prior, bands playing their favorite tunes, and baton twirlers galore.

Don’t forget to watch for all the exquisite classic cars and cheer on your favorite local businesses along the way. As everyone keeps their eyes peeled for Santa coming down the parkway, look for vendors selling food, toys, and souvenirs of all kinds.

Santa Hustle Smokies 5K

To prepare for the calorie-bomb family dinners and desserts to match, you can join the Santa Hustle Smokies 5K to preemptively work off all those tasty treats. Although it’s scheduled for December 13th, you’ll want to sign up well ahead of time to get your name on the roster.

With that done, you can start training your heart out to prepare your mind and body for the grueling walk or run of a lifetime. Remember to get your Santa gear ready as well since it’s tradition that everyone dresses up like their favorite jolly old elf. You’ll look great surrounded by all the festive decorations, dancing to the Christmas tunes playing at every corner.

In between all these events, you can get ready for the holiday season by getting some of your shopping out of the way. Keep your eyes open for specialty boutiques to support local artists and vendors alike. While at each one, you’ll have a chance to buy fine art, home décor, and collectibles that everyone on your list is sure to enjoy.

If all this sounds like a great time, reserve your accommodations now. Many other people will have winter events in Sevierville on their itineraries, which could make it hard to find lodging later on.