5 Restaurants in Sevierville That You Must Try

The Smoky Mountains boast a wide range of culinary offerings. No matter your idea of the perfect meal, you’re bound to find it in at least one of the region’s charming towns, each of which fills a different gastronomical niche. In Sevierville, you’ll be most impressed by the down-home cooking, with local eats taking on an enticing blend of Appalachian and Southern traditions. Restaurants here tend to operate at a slower pace than their busy Parkway counterparts in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. There’s plenty to love in both types of dining experiences, but if you’re looking for something a bit more leisurely and personal, you’ll definitely want to check these top restaurants in Sevierville:

Five Oaks Farm Kitchen
five oaks farm kitchen, restaurants in sevierville

Five Oaks Farm Kitchen pays homage to local legends Dr. John and Blanche Ogle with generous portions of hearty Southern-style food. Hospitality is a big deal at this family-friendly restaurant, where every meal is served with a side of quality conversation. This restaurant in Sevierville encourages visitors to kick back and take a break from their hectic lives, even if only for an hour or two. Be sure to arrive with a big appetite; whether you order griddle cakes, chicken liver, or one of the restaurant’s famed smokehouse meals, you’ll leave with a full belly — and a huge smile on your face.

Holston’s Kitchen

Bringing the bistro experience to the heart of Sevierville, Holston’s Kitchen offers an affordable and accessible take on fine dining. This hip restaurant is a go-to for couples, who regard it as the ultimate date night destination. Trendy vibes are immediately evident when you set foot in the restaurant; brick walls and minimalist decor grant it a simple, yet sophisticated feel in keeping with today’s industrial-chic ethos.

Primarily a steakhouse, Holston’s Kitchen serves a variety of dishes guaranteed to appeal to self-avowed carnivores. The restaurant’s juicy steaks are enticing, but so are the thick-cut burgers and house-smoked pork ribs. If you’re an early bird, feel free to stop by on Saturday morning for a delectable brunch accompanied by a refreshing Bloody Mary.

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant

Fresh Salad at Apple Barn, restaurants in sevierville

Sevierville’s Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant boasts a long history in the Smoky Mountains, where it began as a family farm and eventually transformed into a family eatery. While this restaurant in Sevierville serves a variety of hearty meals, apples are clearly the centerpiece; every entree comes with a complimentary serving of apple fritters, apple butter, and Applewood’s signature julep. These alone could easily satisfy, but you’ll also want to sample home-style meals such as pot roast, country-fried steak, or chicken pot pie.

At Applewood, the atmosphere is just as important as the food — and you’ll find no shortage of charming ambiance. Enjoy your meal out on the porch, where you’ll appreciate the fresh air and the quaint view. Inside, rustic decor helps you feel relaxed and perfectly at ease as you sample the ultimate in fresh, Southern-style cooking.

Knox Dough

knox dough, restaurants in sevierville, ice cream, cookie dough

When sweet treats are what you’re craving, Knox Dough offers cookie dough delights! This isn’t your typical cookie dough, so don’t worry about the risks of eating it. This sweet treat is made without eggs and includes special flour! There’s chocolate chip, there’s a lemon blueberry cobbler. Don’t forget to add toppings like chocolate syrup, marshmallows, and cookie crumbs! Get your sweet tooth fill here at Knox Dough — you won’t regret a single bite.


Elvira’s Cafe
restaurants in sevierville, Elvira's cafe

Another restaurant in Sevierville worth checking out, Elvira’s injects a familiar concept with a touch of mountain appeal. Local ingredients dominate the menu, which includes such enticing dinner entrees as fried catfish, blackened trout, and prime rib. Earlier in the day, you can order specialty omelets and crepes for breakfast, or sandwiches and salads for lunch. No matter what you order, it will arrive looking, smelling, and tasting so fresh, it just might jump off the plate. The mountain air is just as fresh, as you’ll quickly discover if you enjoy your meal on the screened-in porch.

Whether your dream Sevierville dining experience involves a trendy bistro or a cute donut shop, you’ll have no trouble finding a place that serves up both fresh food and Southern hospitality. The essence of Sevierville is clearly on display at its delightful restaurants, so don’t hesitate to stop in for a satisfying and memorable meal.

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