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The Dome Ziplines

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The Dome Ziplines: Fly High Over Pigeon Forge
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Delivering undeniable excitement to Pigeon Forge, The Dome Ziplines is home to thrilling and decidedly memorable zipline adventures suited to thrill-seekers of all ages. Gain a new perspective while navigating 3,000 feet of cable at heights of up to 100 feet.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

The Dome Ziplines provides the ultimate Smoky Mountain adventure, complete with stunning views, memorable thrills, and plenty of laughs. Conveniently situated in the heart of Pigeon Forge, this attraction is impossible to miss. When in doubt, keep watch for the huge dome near light #10 on the Parkway.

Boasting eleven separate ziplines that span 3,000 feet of cable, this adventure lasts long enough to give dedicated thrill-seekers their fix. Set aside at least an hour to enjoy the full experience. Keep in mind, however, that depending on how busy it is when you arrive and how quickly you navigate the course, you may spend closer to two hours at The Dome.

Success on the ziplines means overcoming any trepidation regarding heights, as the cables occasionally reach 100 feet. That being said, The Dome’s ziplines are actually lower than several of the attraction’s competitors in the Pigeon Forge area. These particularly ziplines may, therefore, be a better option for those who desire a gentler approach to facing their fear of heights.

The experienced guides at The Dome understand that some visitors may be nervous about flying through the air at such great heights. These friendly individuals offer a reassuring presence without coming across as overly pushy. Their humor, in particular, can set nervous visitors at ease as they await The Dome’s zipline journey. In addition to talking up zipline newbies, the attraction’s staff members make a point of fully informing all guests of necessary precautions and related risks. Safety is their top priority, as they make clear when introducing visitors to the zipline course.

While the staff members are highly accommodating of beginners, they also know how to keep more experienced adventurers entertained. Those who are clearly comfortable can be taught a few safe tricks to up the ante on already thrilling zipline excursions.

If you’re not willing to pull stunts, simply relax and enjoy the view. Although not quite as scenic as some of the area’s zipline tours, this edition carries unique appeal with its bird’s eye perspective of Pigeon Forge’s downtown area. You’ll also spot plenty of hills and foliage, which are especially impressive when fall colors take over.

The ziplining experience at The Dome is highly memorable, but you don’t have to rely on your memory alone to capture this special moment. The staff members take several photos throughout the experience. Show them off to your loved ones to prove that you had the guts to tackle some of the area’s most impressive ziplines. You’ll never regret making the most of this exciting opportunity.

Insider Tips: 
– Walk-in visits are welcome, but The Dome can quickly grow crowded during the weekend. Depending on your schedule, you may find it easier to book your visit in advance. This can be done online or over the phone.
– Closed toe shoes are essential; don’t bother trying to navigate The Dome’s ziplines without a pair. Additionally, if you have long hair, you’ll be asked to wear it in a ponytail. Dress for the weather, as tours may take place in light drizzle, so long as lightning or thunder are not present in the area.
– Children under the age of 15 are encouraged to get involved, but they must be accompanied by participating parents or guardians. If your kids are eager to zipline but you just can’t bring yourself to join in, you may want to seek other adventures in the Pigeon Forge area.
– Not sure if you can take the zipline due to current physical conditions? The guides may be capable of making necessary accommodations to ensure that you can enjoy the best of the zipline experience while remaining safe. Call in advance to alert staff members to your condition — and to receive recommendations for your visit.