SpeedZone Fun Park

Race to Your Heart's Delight at SpeedZone Fun Park in Pigeon Forge: TEMPORARILY CLOSED
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

SpeedZone Fun Park delivers serious thrills, as well as a vibrant, friendly atmosphere. Its memorable attractions include a wooden go-kart track and a course with a high-speed downhill chute.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

**Temporarily Closed Until Further Notice**

Hit the track for an adventure you’ll never forget at SpeedZone Fun Park. This is one of many excellent go-kart destinations in Pigeon Forge, but, while choosing the right location can feel overwhelming, there’s a lot to love about SpeedZone.

This Parkway hot spot is home to four distinct routes, each of which provides its own unique thrills and charm. Two of these can be enjoyed in double karts, which make it possible for children as young as three to get in on the go-kart experience.

Whether you visit with children or nurture your inner child with your sweetheart or good friends, you will quickly remember why go-karts are so addicting. You’ll want to hit the track again and again — but you’ll also find that you can make the most of this attraction in just an hour or two. As such, SpeedZone Fun Park is a great add-on to a jam-packed trip. Combine with a visit to nearby Patriot Park or the Old Mill District. SpeedZone is also located near several top hotels and restaurants, so it’s easily accessible by foot, trolley, or car.

Once you’ve entered the park, you’ll find that the lines move quickly. The staff members are friendly but also committed to keeping you and all other guests safe. It’s immediately clear that the employees have been thoroughly trained on safety protocol, which they make a point of enforcing. That being said, they are also a lot of fun to be around — and they clearly enjoy chatting with the kids who frequent this destination.

At first glance, this park isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing attraction in Pigeon Forge — but don’t let first impressions fool you. It’s actually clean and well-maintained, albeit a bit out of date in terms of style. This lends it a bit of a kitschy feel, however, which makes it an even more enjoyable destination for nostalgic adults.

Our favorite go-kart rides include the following:

Kids Track
Ideal for kids over the age of four, this junior track gives young riders the independence they crave. Save this track for the smallest in your group, as older kids are bound to find it dull.

Slick Track
Speed is a priority for this track. The course itself isn’t all that interesting, but that’s not the point. Rather, this track is special because of the added oomph of the go-karts, plus the slippery effect for which it’s named.

Tennessee Twister
Featuring twists and turns that are bound to get your heart racing, the Tennessee Twister doesn’t look quite like the go-kart rides to which you’ve grown accustomed. If you typically opt for wooden coasters at amusement parks, you’ll find the same vibe on this unique wooden track. It’s available as a single or double-kart experience, so feel free to grab a kart with a loved one.

Coaster Track
As its name implies, this attraction feels more like a rollercoaster than a typical go-kart track. Like the Tennessee Twister, it can be enjoyed in a single or double kart. Whether you ride alone or with a companion, you’ll find yourself craving the high speeds you achieve at the downhill chute near the track’s end.

Rediscover the appeal of go-karts at SpeedZone Fun Park. From wooden tracks to slippery racing, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to get your thrill on in a family-friendly environment.

Insider Tips:
– Ticketing is flexible at SpeedZone, with options available for checking out not only the go-karts but also, several other destinations within the Dubby’s Attractions family. If you’re interested in laser tag, horseback riding, or zip lines, you could be the perfect candidate for a park hopper pass.
– While parents appreciate the safety protocol enforced at SpeedZone, some visitors find these rules frustrating at times. Staff members have been known to stop drivers if they get too close to one another. This can hold up everyone else on the course.