Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

Rocky Top Mountain Coaster in Pigeon Forge: More Than Nine Minutes of Up-and-Down, Twisty Fun
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Opened in 2018, the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster sets itself apart with the duration of its up-and-down ride—close to 10 minutes—and the ability to control your own speed with hand brakes. The slope-side scenery’s great during the day, while the lit-up track draws night riders. It's a great choice for young and old alike!

- The Local Expert Team

Weaving down a hillside on grounds that sprawl more than 20 acres, the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster is well worth checking out on a survey of Pigeon Forge’s many amusement rides. Riding your “sled” along a lengthy, up-and-down course for nearly 10 minutes, you decide how fast you want to take the turns and loops.

Given the hand-brake controls the sleds come equipped with, the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster—set right across from Dollywood—is a good choice for young children and families. Thrill-seekers will probably opt to go full speed on the downhills, where you can reach roughly 30 miles per hour, while more conservative riders can enjoy a more leisurely ride.

Four climbs and four plunges—with hairpin curves and tunnels along the way—define the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster’s steel-rail course. Keep your eyes out for bears and other decorations besides the track.

During the day, you’ll enjoy some nice woodsy views—particularly on the catch-your-breath hill lifts. But one of the major attractions of the Mountain Coaster comes after sundown: Night rides take you along a thrillingly lit-up track for a unique after-hours adventure. It’s basically a combo thrill ride and a light show.

The Rocky Top Mountain Coaster offers tickets for kids (three to six years old), youth (seven to 12 years old), and adults as well as specially priced per-person passes for groups of 20 or more riders. There’s a minimum height requirement of 56 inches for solo riders, who must be at least 16 years old, as well as anybody controlling the sled; a passenger must be 38 inches or taller. Kids three to six years old must ride the Mountain Coaster with a driver who’s at least 16.

Open every day and year-round, the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster serves up all-season fun, though, in storms and other particularly nasty weather, it may temporarily close (understandably) for safety reasons. The impressive length of the ride, the ability to control your speed, and the option of the night ride make this coaster one of the must-try family attractions in Pigeon Forge!

Insider Tips:
-The adult and youth tickets for the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster give you the option of buying a discounted second ride for the same day. We suggest taking advantage of this and doing a daytime ride, then returning to use your coupon for a night ride—giving you the full experience without breaking the bank!
-Rocky Top Mountain Coaster offers discounted ride tickets for military service members and veterans, members of law enforcement and fire departments, and first responders.