Pigeon Forge Chairlift

Pigeon Forge Chairlift - A New Way to Take in the Sights
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4 / 5
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Pigeon Forge Chairlift was created to give visitors the views they crave without having to brave the steep hills. Whether you're traveling with young children, senior relatives, or you're just short on time, this chairlift takes you to the top so you can still take in the natural sights. This attraction hasn't yet begun construction but should be open by the beginning of 2021. 

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

**Opening in future**

If you look next to Pigeon Forge Snow, the country’s first indoor snow park, you won’t see too many noteworthy features besides the naturally gorgeous terrain of the city. But if you happen to swing by in 2021, you can treat yourself to a ride on the new Pigeon Forge Chairlift or make the climb up the 85- ft observation tower.

While the construction hasn’t started yet for this project, the concept art already has people hooked. Excellent for kids, seniors, and just anyone who doesn’t want to hike up steep hills, the chairlift will take you up, up, and away as you drink in the views of this truly majestic landscape.

Wonder Awaits
Pigeon Forge Chairlift has already taken some photos of the kinds of views you can expect to see when you’re on it. Once you get a look at the mountains from the camera’s angle, you’ll see why the designers are so eager to get this lift up and running.

Hop on board with your partner and hold hands while you peek over the sides of the lift. Watch your seven-year-old child’s mesmerized face as you both fly over the top of the city. Or just take a ride for yourself when you want to relax and let the stress of the day fall away from you. Leave it all behind as you soar above.

The Spiral Tower
The 85-ft spiral tower goes around and around on its way to the top, giving you a chance to get your steps in before topping out to the reward at the end. As you take step after step, you’ll be able to see Pigeon Forge from a variety of vantage points, all of which will leave you with a new-found appreciation for this area — even if this is far from your first visit.

New Scenes, New Memories
The Tennesse mountains are always beautiful, but you might just find yourself seeing them in a new light when you’re on the chairlift. Whether you come for the snowcaps in winter, the flourish of color fall, or the wildflowers or spring and summer, you’ll create new memories of this enduring scenery.

There’s a lot of inspiration to be found on a chairlift. From the wind in your hair to the thrill of touching down, this is more than an average ride. This new attraction in Pigeon Forge was built for everyone to enjoy, and it’s already a hit amongst locals and regular visitors alike.

Insider Tip:
– The concept art of the observation deck features a spiral design for 360° views.