Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud Show & Adventure Park

Paula Deen's Lumberjack Feud with World-Class ESPN Athletes
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4.5 / 5
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This is one of the more affordable and fun shows in Pigeon Forge – the constant action of watching two ESPN teams compete with chainsaws should please even the most critical audience. The covered, outdoor theater provides the perfect combination of feeling like you are outdoors while you are comfortable.

- The Local Expert Team

At Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud & Adventure Park, you can get the full lumberjack experience in a single visit. You can catch an exciting lumberjack showdown that highlights the skills and strength of the participants. Then, try your hand at completing high-intensity challenges, such as the log roll and speed climbs.

When you sign up for the show, you will secure a seat in the climate-controlled grandstands that provide an incredible view of the poolside. The lumberjacks (and jills!) compete for the title using real chainsaws, axes, and two-man buck saws. They will show off their talents by running on the log roll in the pool and jousting from unsteady canoes. They will also see who can quickly saw logs, accurately throw axes, and much more. The events go on for about 90 minutes until a clear winner emerges amongst the competitors.

Once you gain inspiration from watching the show, you can demonstrate your own skills at the adventure park. Upon buying your ticket, you will have 90 minutes to try out as many attractions as you can pack into the day. Skilled lumberjacks will offer pointers along the way, helping you perfect your techniques and achieve true mastery.

Unlike the grandstands, the park does not have climate controls, so watch the temperatures during the summer months. It is easy to get overheated as you push yourself to your limits, after all. If heat is not your thing, consider visiting during the evening hours to skip the sun and focus on having fun.

Their most popular attractions include:

Logger Sports
At Logger Sports, you can dominate the center stage as you balance on the log roll and speed down the boom run. You can even take the speed climb challenge and zoom your way up to the top of the pole in hopes of getting the quickest times. You won’t be alone either, so bring along your competitive spirit and see how you fare against the other parkgoers.

The Flying Ox
Known as the first of its kind, The Flying Ox gives you the rollercoaster experience on a zipline. While swinging along the tracks, you will blast through the corners and down the straights at breathtaking speeds. From the first jump off the platform to the end of the ride, you won’t be able to stop howling with delight.

Timber Towers
If the hop-off The Flying Ox platform really gets you going, then Timber Towers is definitely calling your name. At this attraction, you can take a leap off the 80-foot freefall jump and feel the wind blowing through your hair. But don’t worry, you will remain securely harnessed in for a soft landing at the end of the ride, giving you all the excitement without the risks.

Some of the attractions, like the zipline rollercoaster, have a 50-pound minimum weight limit, so ask the attendee before getting in line. You do not want to have to wait for your turn only to find out that the kids in tow cannot give it a try. Attraction attendees are also happy to answer any of the other questions you have as you meander around the park. They are always thrilled to help their guests have an awesome time.

Insider Tips: 
– Shows often sell out early, so call ahead of time to reserve your spot.
– You can pay for the show and adventure separately or grab the package deal to save a little money along the way.
– If you are traveling with a group of 15 or more, secure an advanced reservation to enjoy discounted rates.
– When you buy your show ticket, add a discounted dinner to the ticket price to save money on your meal at Lumberjack Square.