FunStop Family Action Park

Get Your Thrill on at FunStop Family Action Park in Pigeon Forge
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

FunStop Family Action Park delivers plenty of thrills in a kid-friendly environment. Stop by for an exciting go-kart ride or to get your heart racing on the Slingshot, Zip Line, or Skyscraper attractions.

- The Local Expert Team

Sometimes, when you’re eager for thrills, nothing quite lives up to the classic fun of a go-kart race. But, you don’t have to look far to find exactly that in Pigeon Forge, which is home to FunStop Family Action Park.

This kid-friendly attraction features several go-kart tracks that will get your heart racing even faster than your vehicle. The other opportunities provided at FunStop include a spinning Skyscraper ride, a Slingshot experience, and a zip line ride. Combined, this forms a genuinely thrilling and memorable experience. If, however, you’re short on time, you can choose one or two favorite activities and leave the rest for a return visit.

Beyond the rides themselves, you’ll appreciate the presence of friendly and helpful staff members who are eager to make your experience memorable. The employees are particularly in their element when interacting with children. The FunStop experience wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable without the staff’s trademark smiles and kind words.

Peace and quiet don’t exist at FunStop Family Action Park, so steer clear of this attraction if you want a serene experience. Loud music and shouting kids can be expected, but that’s part of the appeal for many. Where this location diverges from the typical amusement park experience, however, is with its quick-moving lines, which keep impatient types from needing to wait long before the excitement begins. A few hours should be more than enough for you to make the most of this attraction.

A few of our favorite attractions include the following:

No matter your age or thrill-seeking tendencies (or lack thereof), you can find a go-kart track you love at FunStop Family Action Park. Top options include the Elevated Track, Sleek Track, and Pro Track. These vary significantly in terms of top speed and track configuration. If you’re unsure which go-kart experience is the best bet based on your personal preferences, don’t hesitate to ask the park’s employees for guidance.

If you’re eager to move beyond go-karts and up the ante on your thrill-seeking tendencies, give the Slingshot ride a try. As its name implies, this attraction shoots you and a companion into the sky. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you’re an adrenaline junky, this ride won’t disappoint.

Another high-thrill option for adventurous types, the Skyscraper takes you to heights of up to 150 feet at an exhilarating speed of 60 miles per hour. If you enjoy moderate thrills and aren’t afraid of heights, this ride is for you.

Soaring Eagle Zip Line
The Pigeon Forge region boasts quite a few zip-line tours, but this attraction isn’t quite like your typical zip-line. Instead, this experience allows you to relax and take a seat as you soar to new heights and observe the local scenery. You’ll see not only the park itself as you ride but also the Smoky Mountains in the distance.
Whether your idea of the perfect day involves serious thrills on the Slingshot or a quick ride on the mildest go-kart track available, you’ll be glad you stopped by Pigeon Forge’s FunStop Family Action Park. So get your heart racing as you make memories with those you love most.

Insider Tips:
-Build time into your family outing to stop by the arcade next door, where you’ll find a variety of classic games and, perhaps more importantly, the opportunity to cool off on a hot day.
-Size restrictions apply on many rides. This may limit the extent to which young visitors can enjoy the park. That being said, most little kids will be thrilled to go on the go-karts — especially the decidedly mild junior track.