The Forge Cinemas

Enjoy an Affordable Movie Theater Experience at The Forge Cinemas
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4.5 / 5
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This cinema has been serving the Pigeon Forge area since 2010. At the time it was the only theatre to offer stadium seats with digital cinema protection on every screen. The Forge Cinemas is the place to watch the latest movies, with a full concession menu, and comfortable seats for affordable prices.

- The Local Expert Team

When you visit The Forge Cinemas, you get the entire movie-going experience at an affordable price. This theater packs value into the ticket price with its numerous amenities. For instance, comfortable seats, a fully stocked concession stand, and friendly staff make a trip to this theater worthwhile during your visit to Pigeon Forge.

While the draw of this theater is its low ticket prices, that is not the only thing visitors can expect. The Forge Cinemas shows some of the newest releases. Depending on the movie, you could even catch a show in 3D.

Just like more expensive theaters, The Forge Cinemas has stadium seating with reclining seats and moveable armrests. Sound and video are both digital for the best movie experience.

Visitors to The Forge Cinemas laud its cleanliness and staff friendliness. Staff members work hard to keep the seating areas in all the theaters clean and the concession and box office running efficiently.

Reviews of this small theater are essential in helping them to constantly keep improving the quality of operations. Management takes all reviews placed online seriously. They provide feedback on reviews at all-star levels, showing their commitment to customer satisfaction.

For more than a decade, this theater has offered quality and affordable movies to Pigeon Forge. Throughout its years of operation, most visitors have reviewed this theater highly. They praise The Forge Cinemas for its great experiences, the theater’s quality, and its staff.

Concessions, like the tickets, have reasonable prices. This theater also offers a full selection of snacks and drinks. Food and drink options include popcorn, candy, nachos, slushes, sodas, and hot dogs. Drinks come with free refills, which makes the value you get from concessions even better.

If you have a membership to Phoenix Theatres’ Motion Picture Points rewards program, you can use those points at The Forge Cinemas. Every time you earn 40 more points, you can redeem a reward. Prizes include free popcorn, free drinks, and free movie theater tickets. Plus, members have special deals on certain days of the week, for discounted concessions.

Even if you only go to The Forge Cinemas once or twice, sign up for a free rewards card to take advantage of the deals for members. This program costs nothing to join and earns you a point per dollar spent.

The only downside to this theater is its small size. For example, it has a limited number of screens, therefore it cannot show a dozen different movies at a time. However, you still can choose from the top four or five latest releases for the same low price whether you catch a matinee or evening showing.

Are you looking for a way to enjoy some quiet, air-conditioned time inside during your Pigeon Forge vacation? An afternoon or evening at The Forge Cinemas is an excellent solution for families, couples, or groups looking for an affordable way to spend time together. See a movie at The Forge Cinemas for a first-run film at a low price.

Insider Tip:
The theater is inside the outdoor pedestrian shopping center, The Shops at Lumberjack Square. You will need to park in one of the lots for the shopping center and walk to the theater at the back of the center.