Fast Tracks

Fast Tracks: Go-Karts, Carnival Games, and Thrills
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Fast Tracks is reasonably priced and is family-friendly with an attentive, knowledgeable, and helpful staff! It also has go-kart packages, arcade games, and an aerial ride for the thrill-seekers.

- The Local Expert Team

Fast Tracks Amusement Center’s website says it all: “Something for everyone!” Whether you’re a toddler or a senior with a childlike spirit, Fast Tracks has a game or adventure waiting for you. And since the amusement center has all of its rides in a compact area, it’s the perfect place for families to explore together or independently. Let’s dive in and unpack all they have to offer.

There are many go-kart facilities in the Pigeon Forge area, but none compare to Fast Tracks. Fast Tracks offers three courses to choose from, and many reviewers claim their cars are the fastest in the area. The Elevated Track circles upward three levels before descending downward. It is available for drivers nine years of age and older. The Pro Track, which is an oval design, is open for drivers twelve and up. It is a predominantly flat course with some elevated sections with rolling terrain that many reviewers site as being the fastest of the three. The Junior Track, which is oval, is for kids 4-6 and at least 36” tall. Reviewers comment on how attentive the employees are and go out of their way to make it fun for the kids. All three rides offer a single-car or double-passenger go-kart. For more specifics concerning age and height requirements, check out their website.

The Skyscraper, which is over 140’ tall, is for the adrenaline junky and is noted for being one of the fastest and most extreme rides in Pigeon Forge. And the stats back it up. Two passengers are strapped side-by-side into a comfortable chair that makes up one arm of the windmill-like attraction. The Skyscraper spins like a windmill and reaches speeds of 60 mph. Riders experience what it’s like to pull 4 G’s in a fighter jet at such speeds! As the ride comes to an end, the speed decreases, and passengers get a picturesque view of the area perched 60ft in the air.

Children have plenty to choose from, too. There are carnival rides like the Flying Dinosaur, Twirling Teacups, and the Carousel Horses. The Fun Slide offers a short jaunt down a roly-poly slide while seated on a mat, while the Youngster Speedway and Flying Balloon offer safe, simulated experiences. All rides are inexpensive, and there are several options for parents. If your child is five years of age and up, they can ride by themselves. For those under five, a parent can ride along for free.

Last but not least is the arcade. It’s air-conditioned and covered (a plus for rainy days) and offers the latest video games as well as classic arcade games. Players can redeem game tickets for prizes, and a concession stand will satisfy those who need a snack or something to sip on.

Fast Tracks Amusement Center has “something for everyone,” is reasonably priced, and will entertain everyone from a toddler to a senior citizen.

Insider Tips:
– Drivers who bump or ram another go-kart may be disqualified from continuing to drive.
– The arcade is air-conditioned, ideal for hot summers, and is covered when rain dampens family plans.