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Elvis & Hollywood Legends Museum

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Elvis and Hollywood Legends Museum: An Experience Perfect for the Elvis Fan
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3 / 5
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Fans of Elvis Presley will adore visiting this museum for its memorabilia and audio tour. However, people who aren't big on Rock n' Roll or Hollywood artifacts may want to look elsewhere forĀ fun in Pigeon Forge, as the museum is relatively small.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

The Elvis and Hollywood Legends Museum has been around since 1979, with updates occurring throughout the decades. This newer version opened in 2014, and it brings modernity to the old school. In this Pigeon Forge attraction, you’ll find a mix of Elvis’s personal items and things that belonged to other Hollywood greats. Here, you’ll see movie props belonging to Hugh Hefner, Marilyn Monroe, Burt Reynolds, and more, giving Elvis fans a little taste of the stars shining at the same time he was.

A major draw of this museum is the audio tour. Narrated by Donnie Sumner and Ed Hill, you get insider information about the artifacts on display in the museum. This is a unique audio tour we know you’ll love because these two Stamp Quartet members actually recall most of the memorabilia on display in the museum.

A funny thing about Elvis: he was always giving stuff away to his friends and employees. Big and small, the gifts delighted those who knew him and worked for him; Elvis fans already know that this generosity was one of his most admired characteristics. The museum has collected much of this stuff to display to the world. These gifts help Elvis live on, giving fans a way to continue to celebrate him.

Some of the most notable artifacts include:

  • A 1954 Cadillac Coupe de Ville in canary yellow
  • The Mega-Bling TCB Ring, which Elvis designed
  • The Canoe from Deliverance

Visit before the end of 2017, because the museum is closing permanently. They’ll be selling most of the merchandise when the doors shut for the final time.

Insider Tips:

  • Visit the gift shop after seeing the museum. It’s got tons of collectibles, plus some items designed directly for the Elvis and Hollywood Legends Museum. You’ll find CDs featuring an interview with JD Sumner, plus recordings and books of memories and stories from people like Ed Hill, Mike L. Moon, and Donnie Sumner. The gift shop is a fabulous resource for learning even more about Elvis through the voices of those who knew him.
  • Don’t skip the audio tour, because it explains the items in better detail. It is self-guided, so you can gravitate towards the stuff you want to see, or simply go in order. The museum seems a little small without an understanding of why these Elvis items are so important. Your tour guides explain why each one is worth being in the museum.