Crave Golf Club

Get into the Swing with Family Fun at Crave Golf Club in Pigeon Forge
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

You have many options when it comes to entertainment choices in the Pigeon Forge area, but perhaps none is as colorful, fun, and imaginative as Crave Golf. Choose from indoor or outdoor mini-golf, two escape rooms, mini-bowling, and an over-the-top sweet shop. This is exactly the type of place family memories are made, captured, and treasured for years to come!

- The Local Expert Team

An opportunity for fun memories can occur with every swing you take at this Pigeon Forge, indoor/outdoor family-fun center. Play mini-golf on a whole new level, explore a choice of escape rooms and satisfy your sweet tooth with candy and soft-serve ice cream shop. This is a unique, whimsical, fun-filled way to spend a day while visiting Pigeon Forge and the Great Smoky Mountain area.

The fun starts with the rooftop mini-golf course at Crave Golf Club, a colorful 19-hole two-tier layout. Multi-challenge holes provide more than one way to win through a candy-coated wonderland. This is a fully-handicapped accessible course with challenges for family members of all ages. Have some good-natured competitive fun taking on Rock Candy Mountain, Bubblegum Garden, and The Jellybean Jungle. Test your skill and take pictures among crystalline candy stalagmites, gumball trees, and gigantic lollipops. Keep an eye out for the jellybean Crave-men! This just may be the best outdoor mini-golf adventure you ever experience. This thrilling course winds from ground level, up a hill, and then up onto the roof. Be sure to take time to enjoy the view and the experience.

Inside, Crave’s Indoor Mini-Golf course takes you through a fantasy experience of cocoa cliffs, canyons sculpted of ice creams a sweet Sugar Safari. Crave Golf’s Spin Zone brings more fun and can add challenges to your game, creating fun tasks that add a new level of competition. In Sugar Safari, your family interacts with sugar cone characters while avoiding a variety of obstacles. Every player competes to be the ultimate Craver on this sweet 19-hole, climate-controlled indoor course. The course is fully handicap accessible.

If you enjoy escape rooms or are looking for a new fun-filled experience for your family, team up to solve one of two escape rooms at Crave Golf. Check out Mayday!-A Submarine Adventure, where an exotic underwater trip turns into an exciting, thrilling adventure. Can you and your crew seal all the watertight doors in time to prevent you from being lost in the cold waters of the sea? Enjoy a sense of teamwork and thrills as you work together in this 30-minute experience. You may also decide to enter the Zombie Research Lab to find a cure for the deadly Zombie Virus. It is up to you and your team, cut off from the outside, to find a cure. The longer it takes, the more humans turn into hideous creatures.and the closer they get to sealing your fate.

Crave Golf also allows you to experience bowling on a fast-paced, energetic level with miniature bowling lanes with dramatic lighting effects. Knockdown mini-pins with mini-bowling balls on one of four lanes with an ultra-modern lounge. Mini-bowling is great fun for kids and adults alike and no shoes are required! It is just another layer of fun available for your family at Crave Golf in Pigeon Forge.

No stop at Crave Golf would be complete without a visit to the Crave Sweet Shop. This is a mouthwatering, eye-popping selection of sweets you can mix and match to meet the needs of your particular sweet tooth. This candy capital of Pigeon Forge includes a wall of Jelly Belly candies, huge boxes of Nerds and Sour patch kids, four-foot pixie-sticks and so much more. Everything seems bigger than life at Crave!

Insider Tips: 
– Crave is open 9 am until midnight, 7-days a week, making a visit to this attraction easy to plan.
– Be sure to check multi-package pricing and add-on values for further savings.
– Party packages are available for groups of 10 or more
– Rain checks are available in inclement weather