Country Roads Axe Co.

Country Roads Axe Co. and West by God CoalFired Pizza: The Best of West Virginia in Pigeon Forge
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4 / 5
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Serving tasty New Haven-style pizzas alongside craft beer, Country Roads Axe Co. and West by God CoalFired Pizza aim to deliver the best of West Virginia traditions to Tennessee. Stop by to show off your axe-throwing skills or to simply chow down on a flavorful style of pizza you won't readily find in Pigeon Forge.

- The Local Expert Team

Combine delicious pizza and the excitement of ax-throwing into one amazing outing at Country Roads Axe Co. This unique destination delivers the perfect blend of Appalachian-inspired cuisine and activities.

Home to Pigeon Forge’s very first coal-fired pizza oven, Country Roads Axe Company serves West by God CoalFired Pizza. Together, these brands go beyond allowing visitors to hurl axes or dine on tasty pizza  — they aim to transform the narrative surrounding Appalachian dining and entertainment.

Sadly, West Virginia’s offerings have often been looked down on in the past.  That’s all about to change, however, as the Country Roads and West by God CoalFired Piiza name bring the best of Appalachia to the heart of Pigeon Forge.

The blend of regions exemplified by Country Roads and West by God can be seen in the emphasis on New Haven-style pizza. This take on Neapolitan pizza features plenty of charring, as well as a delightfully chewy texture. Coal-fired ovens make the intricate flavor possible and are on full display at this location.

As the signature offering from Country Roads Axe Co. and West by God CoalFired Pizza, the Black Diamond pies are not to be missed. Featuring imported hand-picked tomatoes and authentic flour from Italy, these pizzas combine the best traditions from several regions and bring them to appreciative diners in Pigeon Forge.

In addition to chowing down on signature Black Diamond pies, those who visit Country Roads and West by God can relax with craft beer. A cold brew can make the ax throwing and dining experience that much more enjoyable. Check out the selection at the onsite beer wall. A full-service bar is also provided, so you can order your drink of choice to accompany your Black Diamond pie.

As you relax with your pizza and favorite drink, feel free to watch the big game on one of many flat-screen TVs. You can also view the joint’s axe-throwing aficionados from your seat, so entertainment is never far away even if you prefer a more leisurely experience.

No Pigeon Forge destination quite matches the charm and passion of Country Roads Axe Co. and West by God CoalFired Pizza. Stop by to discover the labor of love that made this inspiring business possible. You’ll leave with a belly full of pizza, sore arms from slinging axes, and a better idea of all that makes the Appalachian traditions of West Virginia so special.

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– For updates on Country Roads Axe Co. and West by God CoalFired Pizza, be sure to follow the company on Facebook. There, you’ll see personable videos from the destination’s owners, as well as fun facts about coal-fired pizza and anecdotes about the owners’ West Virginia origins.
– Check out the vast selection of Country Roads merch. From pullover sweatshirts to ball caps, you’ll find plenty of snazzy items to make you look extra cool as you sling axes.