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Castle of Chaos/Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors/ Outbreak:Dread the Undead

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Castle of Chaos in Pigeon Forge
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Four great attractions that will have the whole family satisfied. With bundle deals on tickets, you're getting a pretty good deal while having a blast at the same time!

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Now for something spookier.

The Castle of Chaos, Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors, and Outbreak:Dread the Undead are three different attractions sharing the same building. The Hollywood Wax Museum, which is a short walk across the parking lot, is owned by the same company, but it has its own building, and isn’t designed to give you a good scare. These four attractions can be done separately, or you can get a bundled deal to do them all.

The building that houses everything except the wax museum is hard to miss. It’s literally a small castle. Don’t automatically think princess castle though; this isn’t your average fairytale setting. If you look at the castle for a minute, you’ll notice two faces formed in the building. One appears to be a witch and the other a wizard; both of these faces are complete with windows as eyes, noses in the center, and the wizard even has a hand sticking out to hold a crystal ball. On top of these characters’ heads are hats that form two of the castle peaks.

Honestly, it’s slightly creepy, especially at night when the witch’s window eyes are glowing red. The rest of the building looks like a castle with its stones, cracking walls, pointed tower tops, and dungeon-like doors on the outside. It’s really a sight to see.

Castle Of Chaos


The Castle of Chaos is a 5D attraction where you go to fight some paranormal activity. You will walk into a room where you’ll immediately notice the round raised platform full of chairs. You’ll take a seat, buckle up, and arm yourself with your gun that you’ll find on one of the sides of your chair. You have on 3D glasses during this ride as well to make your ghost enemies really come to life.

When the ride starts, your goal is to shoot as many paranormal sightings as you can to rack up the highest score. The platform will spin around in a circle to take you to different scenes on the screen. You will smell, hear, feel, and see all that’s going on around you making this attraction an intense one. Be prepared as ghosts and ghouls pop up on the screen; you’ll have to be fast to shoot them with your laser gun! At the end of the battle, the highest scores will be placed on the screen for everyone to see.

We don’t recommend taking small children to this because of some of the frightening images that are displayed – but we definitely had a blast giving those ghastly ghouls are best shot.

Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors

Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors is a much less intense attraction unless you consider being lost in a mirror maze intense. In this activity, the goal is to rescue Princess Hannah; to accomplish this task, you must make your way through a huge mirror maze full of options for which way to go! This maze has animated videos that give a back story as to what exactly happened to Hannah, and while you’re finding your way through the maze, you’ll hear Hannah calling out to you asking for help.


The maze features 288 possible turns, and some spots where you see never-ending reflections all the way around you. Mirrored walls definitely are not in short supply here along with fun archways for everyone to walk through. If simply trying to find your way out of this labyrinth doesn’t sound challenging enough, you’ll have to do it in the semi-dark with different colored lights as your main source of lighting. In addition to all of these amazing features, the maze also has special effect lighting and illusions that will have your mind spinning! This is family fun that will have everyone smiling.

Outbreak: Dread the Undead

Outbreak: Dread the Undead is a haunted walkthrough full of creepy zombies. You have to be brave as you go through the different rooms that are full of the gory undead. Brace yourself as the zombies move, make sounds, and some may even chase you. Certain sections of the walkthrough feature blasts of air that will scare you silly even though it’s nothing even remotely scary. Some sections of the terrifying tour feature frightening images that will have your blood pumping.  This attraction is definitely a big NO for little kids unless you want them having nightmares for months to come. However, for the older crowd, this is an adventure that will satisfy any thrill seeker’s need for a heart-pounding good time.

Pricing for these attractions varies, but most current pricing can be found here. You can pay for the one(s) you want to do individually, or you can take advantage of some of the bundle deals that they have. The Hollywood Wax Museum, which was not mentioned here, is part of the bundle deals sold on that page. It has its own building, so we gave it its own page as well.

Insider Tip:
If you’re local, ask for a discount, and you’ll get your attraction tickets at a lower price. All adults wanting to receive the discount must have their ID present. Just living in the area can save you a lot money!

All of these attractions are located in Pigeon Forge. The Hollywood Wax Museum is hard to miss with its skyscraper design and giant King Kong at the top. The Castle of Chaos shares a parking lot with the museum, so you’ll definitely see it if you make it to the museum.