Bluff Mountain Adventures

Bluff Mountain Adventures - Guided ATV Rides in the Foothills
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4.5 / 5
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Bluff Mountain Adventures offers an adrenaline-infused way to explore the foothills of East Tennessee. Guided ATV rides take riders across streams, up mountains and around tight bends as they traverse the natural landscape. For an exciting way to see the great outdoors, this is a fun way to explore the area.

- The Local Expert Team

Bluff Mountain Adventures specializes in professionally guided ATV tours that traverse the foothills of Eastern Tennessee. With a variety of all-terrain vehicles to ride and lots of space to explore, the tours promise to be fun, exciting, and full of adventure.

The trails at Bluff Mountain Adventures cover 6,000 acres of terrain in the Smoky Mountains, starting at Bluff Mountain and exploring some surrounding areas. In a relatively short amount of time, these trails take riders deep into the area’s beautiful surroundings for a combination of adrenaline-inducing riding and pristine nature watching. Because this is a true natural habitat, it’s impossible to predict exactly what might be seen on any one ride.

The tours themselves generally range from 1 to 2 hours, and they’re open to riders of all abilities so long as they meet the minimum age and height requirements (12 years old and 57 inches tall). Novice riders have multiple beginner-friendly trails to traverse, while experienced riders can run along one of the nearby ridges. On all tours, riders can expect to cross streams, navigate turns and cover varied terrain — this isn’t the place to wear your Sunday best.

All safety gear is provided, and a guide shows the way around every turn and down every hill so that there’s no question of where the trail leads.

For a fun way to explore the foothills that are a little more exciting than hiking, Bluff Mountain Adventures has a tour that’s perfect for your group. You’ll see the Smokies better than you can from any paved road.

A few of our favorites at Bluff Mountain Adventures are:

Family Introductory Ride on the Teryx
An option that the whole family can enjoy, the hour-long Family Introductory Ride requires no previous experience but promises lots of fun. Take to the trail in the four-person Teryx, so everyone can enjoy the ride together.

Mountain Trail Adventure Ride on the Teryx
A little longer and a little more demanding than the introductory tour, the Mountain Trail Adventure Ride lasts 1.5 hours and ventures further into the foothills. Again, take to the trail in the Teryx so that everyone can ride together — and let each person have a turn at the wheel.

Ridge Run on the Ace ATV
The Ridge Run is the most demanding standard tour, and this is not for the inexperienced. If you have the skillset, though, there’s nothing quite like running along the mountain ridges and taking in the views. This trail is too narrow for the multi-person ATVs, so you’ll want the Ace ATVs. That’s the most powerful one-person setup offered.

Custom Ride on the Ace ATV
Want to explore a different part of the 6,000 acres? Work out a custom ride that’s tailored to your particular interests and abilities. Again, go on the Ace ATV for the most exciting ride possible.

Insider Tip:
If you’re taking a group on a tour and want to save a little money, book one of the multi-people ATVs. There are models that accommodate two, three, and four people, and they’re all cheaper than getting each person their own vehicle to ride on.