Arcade City Pigeon Forge

Arcade City Pigeon Forge— Fun Games and Big Prizes for All Ages
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Voted the Best of Pigeon Forge for 2019, Arcade City is the place to go when you want to have a great time with friends, family, and the community. Fun games are just the start of the excitement, as they also offer many chances to win tickets and trade them for big prizes.  

- The Local Expert Team

If you are looking for a place to go and have fun with your family, put Arcade City Pigeon Forge on your itinerary. With its prime location in The Island in Pigeon Forge, this arcade rounds out the amusement park offerings available here. Their climate-controlled building provides an escape from the elements while their games and rides allow everyone to recharge their batteries.

All you have to do is purchase a game card or receive one free from The Island vendors, to start playing. All throughout the year, they have dozens of arcade games on tap where you can test your skills and try to win prize tickets. Arcade City Pigeon Forge arcade machines are well-maintained and function as expected or they quickly address the issue and make it right with their patrons. Their customer service always goes above and beyond, ensuring everyone has a great time during their visit.

You can drop in for a few minutes or stay the whole day, though most come in and out between meals, rides, and other activities. The reloadable gameplay card can be used all day long and stores the tickets won, so you can save up for the big prizes. Your group can all have their own separate cards or use the same one and spend your tickets together at the end. By sharing a card, you can stretch your money further, as they provide an extra $45 for every $100 spent.

Arcade City Pigeon Forge most popular games include:

Wizard of Oz Pusher
The Wizard of Oz Pusher draws a large crowd all through the day and evening hours, but it is well worth the wait. When it comes time to play, you will send tokens flying through the chute and toward the playing field. Time it right and you can dislodge the tokens and cards inside, winning you the jackpot for that round. Up to six people can play at a time and the crowd tends to get going as they spot winning moves while awaiting their turn.

A tried and true favorite, skeeball challenges players to roll the balls just right and rack up as many points as possible. Since this game is so popular, they have many rows of skeeball machines spread across the arcade.  Whenever you feel the need to try your luck, you can just mosey up to your machine of choice and start up a game. The balls do get stuck from time to time, as is common with this game, but team members quickly fix the problem after being alerted.

Claw Machines
Arcade City Pigeon Forge has claw machines filled with stuffed animals, trinkets, and many other interesting prizes. They even have a claw machine dedicated to handing out tickets with big winners receiving hundreds or more. Just position the claw above your prize of choice and hope for the best when you push that button. You are likely to win a small prize at least, so keep the games going as long as you are having a great time.

After playing the games to your hearts’ content, your group can cash in all your tickets at the front counter. They have many prizes to choose from — all priced fairly to give people a chance to bring home the big stuff.

Insider Tips: 
– Plan your trip for Wednesday to get an extra $10 credit when you put $20 on your play card.
– If you are striking out on your favorite games, look to the staff for tips and tricks. They happily give out the info people need to master the arcade games and win the most tickets possible with each play.