Tennessee Shine Company – Pigeon Forge

Put Some Sizzle in Your Pigeon Forge Visit With a Stop at the Tennessee Shine Company
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4.5 / 5
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If you are in search of a little time with the adults while visiting Pigeon Forge and the Smoky Mountains, make a visit to the Tennessee Shine Company. You'll love the rustic atmosphere, friendly and helpful staff and wide selection of whisky, moonshine, and wine. The free sample tastings are a terrific way to experience flavors that may soon become your favorites. Grab a T-shirt or ball cap and tell the world you "Respect the Shine"

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

There is certainly no lack of family-oriented things to see and do in the Pigeon Forge and Smoky Mountain areas. It is part of what makes it such a terrific travel destination for those from Florida to Illinois. It’s far enough to give you that getaway feeling yet close enough to get to without days and days of travel. But if you are traveling in couples or have an opportunity for some adult time while in Pigeon Forge, you may want to make a stop at The Tennessee Shine Company. In this case “shine” refers to moonshine and that’s what the Tennessee Shine Company is all about!

Moonshine has a long history in the Appalachians, produced in hidden stills generally involving copper pots, tubing, corn mash, and fire. The result was usually a powerful alcoholic beverage made from a variety of recipes that became valuable to the “moonshiners” that produced the best shine. Moonshine was an attitude changer, and a source of revenue and quickly became associated with the mountains where the activity could be conducted in more secrecy. That’s because, among other things, making moonshine was illegal.

Today, the Tennessee Shine Company taps into that history, using a decades-old recipe for their own brand of moonshine in a wide selection of flavors and blends. Don’t worry ’bout no Revenuers, however. Everything is on the up and up at the Tennessee Shine Company.

Tennessee Shine Company is a family-based company that started in a barn back in 2004. Today, they have two locations, one in Sevierville and the other in Pigeon Forge. Here, you’ll get a literal taste of the Smoky Mountains at a place that is part attraction, gift shop, bar, factory, and educational experience. You’ll end up knowing more about moonshine than you ever thought you would and may even come to appreciate the Tennessee Shine Company’s slogan “Respect the Shine”.

If you are expecting some fire-breathing, eyebrow-raising sips of high-powered moonshine at the Tennessee Shine Company you won’t be disappointed. But what you may be surprised about is the sophisticated flavors and blends of moonshine that are available during your visit. Afraid moonshine may not be up your alley? No problem! The Tennessee Shine Company also features a great variety of wines too!

Depending on the timing of your visit you may wish to take the tour to see how water, barley, wheat, corn, and yeast are distilled into the tasty treats you will discover here. Enjoy free tastings hosted by entertaining and knowledgeable hosts to determine your favorites. Finally, shop and take home a bottle (or jar) or two of Tennessee Shine Company products to enjoy with family and friends. Commemorate your visit with a stroll through the gift shop with branded T-shirts, ball caps, mugs, cups, glasses, and more.

The most difficult part of your visit may be determining your favorites. Choices of whiskey and moonshine include:

  • Choco Moo Shine
  • Blue Houdini
  • Small Batch Corn Whisky
  • Cotton Candy
  • Pumpkin Spice Moonshine
  • Caramel Whisky

Of course, no visit to Tennessee Shine Company would be complete without at least a taste of the legendary Apple Pie Moonshine. It seems to be just about everyone’s favorite!

Insider Tips: 
– Tennessee Shine Company has a variety of special events throughout the year. Check ahead of time before visiting to see what may be in store for you!
– Avoid any potential problems by making sure everyone in your party is of legal age and they have proper ID. If you are planning a “serious” visit, make sure to have a designated driver.
– It certainly won’t hurt to call ahead to see how busy it is at Tennessee Shine Company. It can get quite busy when there are large scheduled tour groups and seasonally ones.