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Poynor’s Pommes Frites

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Poynor's Pommes Frites Is More Than Fancy French Fries
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5.0 / 5
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The restaurant is run by a husband and wife team who focus on giving excellent customer service alongside their tasty fare. It's not unusual to see the two of them going to each table to chat with their guests. Staff also has an excellent attitude and goes the distance to make sure diners get what they want. Diners often find that the experience is made better by talking with the owners as well as the service provided by the wait staff. Overall, Poynor's is a delightful and memorable dining experience. 

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

If you like stout German food, you’re going to love Poynor’s Pommes Frites. The name sounds French, but the fare is pure German with its different kinds of bratwurst and Belgium-style fries. The menu itself is simple and allows the restaurant to focus on providing high-quality fare instead of attempting to cover a range of tastes. Poynor’s gives diners the experience of eating German street food without having to get on a plane and fly over.

Pommes frites are the French and Belgian words for what Americans call french fries. The Belgians have a method of cooking pommes frites that creates a delightfully crispy exterior with a soft and flaky interior. The process involves frying the potatoes, blanching them in ice water, then frying them again. Once you’ve eaten pommes frites, you’ll never want to touch another fast food french fry ever again. Poyner’s serves up their signature dish with a selection of sauces that blow ketchup away. And if plain pommes frites dipped in sauce isn’t your thing, get an order of cheesy frites that come covered in cheese, bacon, onions, and jalapenos.

The dipping sauce are also worth mentioning. The fries come to the table fresh out of the fryer and dashed with kosher salt so you can dip them in any sauce you like. Sauces are made in-house and come in flavors like garlic, curry, horseradish, fresh cracked black pepper, fruit, and so on.

Bratwurst makes up the other half of the menu, but this isn’t just an American take on the cased meat. Rather, this is authentic German bratwurst that’s made from pork and veal or all beef and seasoned with everything from lemon zest to drenched in curry powder for a currywurst. There’s also a knackwurst that combines pork and beef together and is lightly smoked to bring out the flavors in the meat.

Complementing the bratwurst are the finishing touches of brotchen, sauerkraut, and a selection of German and American mustards. Brotchen is a hard roll that provides the right kind of support for bratwurst and mustard. No worrying about spilling out the juices or the mustard when taking a bite out of the combo as the sturdy brotchen holds it all in.

Insider Tips:

  • Make sure to order the spaghetti ice. It sounds gross, but it’s not! The “spaghetti” is made from vanilla ice cream that’s been run through a pasta maker and topped with raspberry and chocolate sauces to look like spaghetti sauce. Chocolate meatballs are placed on top and gingerbread “sticks” are set on the side. When it’s all put together, it creates a unique texture while the flavors are harmonious and delightful.
  • Diners are also welcome to bring their dogs when sitting at the outdoor tables.
  • Poynor’s is now only serving food on their food truck.  Check their FB page for location information.