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Lil Black Bear Cafe

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Lil Black Bear Cafe — Just a Trolley Ride Away from Delicious Dishes
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Although far from the busy Parkway, Little Black Bear Cafe is definitely an important part of the Pigeon Forge experience. Thankfully, the trolley will take you right to their doorstep where they are ready to serve your homemade dishes. You can order breakfast good enough to write home about or enjoy their soups, sandwiches, and desserts.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Although Lil Black Bear Cafe might not look like much at first glance, they make up for their small footprint with plenty of heart and endless tasty dishes. Their quaint eatery can only seat 20 inside and a few more outside, but that does not deter their loyal fans from lining up at the door. Everyone knows that this is the place to go when you want to fill your belly up with a truly hearty meal. In fact, many of your fellow trolley riders are likely headed that way anytime you ride through Pigeon Forge.

With a peek back into the kitchen, you will see the chef working hard to fulfill every order in a timely manner despite the crowds. While that is no surprise, the fact that the chef is none other than the owner is nothing short of amazing. The love for the restaurant comes through in all their dishes as a result, treating you to the best-homecooked meals that money can buy.

Even when packed full of patrons, the staff always makes it their mission to warmly greet their guests and bring food out as quickly as possible. Since everything is made to order, it can take a little while for the dishes to arrive at the table. In the meantime, you can listen to Christian music and chat with everyone around you. Who knows? You may even meet a few new friends along the way.

Popular items on the Lil Black Bear Cafe menu include:

Hot Golden Pancakes
Once you try their iconic Hot Golden Pancakes, you will feel inspired to tell everyone far and wide about this incredible dish. At a stunning two inches high each, these pancakes are unlike any you can find anywhere else. They arrive at the table piping hot and covered in your topping of choice. You can go with classic maple syrup or kick it up a notch with blueberry or chocolate sauce when available.

Smoked Fried Bologna
The Smoked Fried Bologna takes this basic sandwich meat to the next level, keeping patrons coming back time and time again for another taste. They smoke the bologna in-house and slice it thin, then fry it up on the grill until lightly browned. After that, they pile it on a toasted bun and add cheese and grilled onions to your liking. You get a pickle spear with your order, but don’t pass up the chance to add the potato salad for an extra charge.

The Reuben is another can’t-miss menu item that brings people in from all over. They make this sandwich either steaming hot or cold, depending on your preferences. They start with plain or toasted bread and add a huge portion of corned beef. Swiss cheese and sauerkraut come next before they top it all off with thousand island dressing. Your sandwich will come with a zesty pickle spear to balance all its exceptional flavors.

Although their portions are more than enough to fill you up, try to save some room for dessert. You absolutely must try their Bear Claw at the very least. This fan-favorite features a dual-layer fudge brownie with a chocolate cream cheese filling. Over the top, they add a dollop of whipped cream, then drizzle hot chocolate sauce over the whole thing.

Insider Tips: 
– If you are craving something in particular and don’t see it on the menu, just ask. Lil Black Bear Cafe frequently honor special orders if they have the ingredients in stock.
– Weekends often get quite busy, so prepare for a 15 to 45-minute wait for a table.
– They often host community movie nights and serve $1 snacks to all who attend.