Getting to Pigeon Forge – Airport and Driving Information

If you’re dreaming of Pigeon Forge adventures, it’s time to start mapping out your trip – starting with transportation. Depending on where you’re coming from, you’ll either way to zip on over to a nearby airport, drive on in, or a combination of the two. You just need to decide if you want to get straight to having fun all across town or would like to enjoy a bit of a road trip first. Ready to get started in planning out your ideal route? Just take a look at this top-notch guide on getting to Pigeon Forge.

Drivetimes for Your Pigeon Forge Vacay

Want to make a road trip out of your travels to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee? Just get the car ready to go, load up your favorite playlists, and then hit the road. Here’s how long it will take to get there from some of the most popular starting points.

North Carolina

  • Asheville: 2 hours (100 miles)
  • Charlotte: 4 hours (215 miles)
  • Greensboro: 4.5 hours (300 miles)
  • Raleigh: 5.5 hours (360 miles)
  • Wilmington: 7 hours (450 miles)

South Carolina

  • Salem: 2.75 hours (110 miles)
  • Greenville: 3 hours (140 miles)
  • Columbia: 4 hours (230 miles)
  • Charleston: 6 hours (400 miles)
  • Myrtle Beach: 7 hours (425 miles)


  • Gate City: 2 hours (110 miles)
  • Grundy: 3.5 hours (180 miles)
  • Roanoke: 4 hours (255 miles)
  • Richmond: 7 hours (450 miles)
  • Norfolk: 8 hours (500 miles)


  • Middlesboro: 2 hours (100 miles)
  • Lexington: 3.5 hours (200 miles)
  • Glasgow: 4 hours (220 miles)
  • Louisville: 4.5 hours (275 miles)
  • Mayfield: 5.5 hours (350 miles)


  • Hiawassee: 2.5 hours (115 miles)
  • Athens: 3.5 hours (175 miles)
  • Atlanta: 4 hours (250 miles)
  • Macon: 5.5 hours (330 miles)
  • Brunswick: 7 hours (450 miles)

Coming from Nashville, Tennessee? Well, that’ll just take you about four hours to complete the 250-mile trip. That’s the same amount of time it’ll take travelers to make it to Pigeon Forge from Cincinnati, Ohio.

No matter where you’re coming from, you’ll want to give yourself an extra day (or two!) when driving out and back again. The additional time will let you fully enjoy a safe drive plus work a few stops in along the way.

Top Pigeon Forge Airports

When departing from outside the reasonable driving range, you just have to grab plane tickets for your airport of choice to get on with the fun. Pigeon Forge is surrounded by excellent airport options, each of which gives you a different travel experience. Here’s a look at the most popular ones.

McGhee Tyson Airport

Set right near Knoxville, McGhee Tyson Airport is a popular spot to land when coming to Pigeon Forge. When using this airport, you can get tickets for Delta Air Lines, Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines, and American Airlines.

Upon arriving, the Smoky Mountain décor promises to get you ready for amazing adventures. The upper level filled with restaurants and shops lets you get a taste of the excellence to come. After that, you’ll have about an hour’s drive until you get to town. But that just gives you time to explore the beauty of Tennessee.

Asheville Regional Airport

For a chance to explore the Smokies before getting on with your Pigeon Forge explorations, book your flight to and from the Asheville Regional Airport. All the top airlines use this airport as well, including United, Delta, and Elite.

The airport itself has a modest footprint and the décor to match, but the Blue Ridge Trading + Tavern is well worth a visit while you’re there. You’ll start your journey about two hours outside of town, allowing you to see the Smoky Mountains from the North Carolina perspective.

Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge Airport

If you’re flying in on a private jet or other small aircraft, then you’ll likely use the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge Airport. With its location in Sevierville, this airport makes it easy to get right to your Pigeon Forge adventures.

You won’t find much in the way of amenities, however. So, you’ll need to find shops and eateries on your way if you don’t want to wait until you get into town.

Want the best of both worlds? Rent a car to drive to Pigeon Forge, and then fly back home – or vice versa. You can then get the full road trip experience while enjoying quick travels for the other leg of the trip.

Average Airline Travel Times to Pigeon Forge

curved wooden bridge with mountain views

When flying to Pigeon Forge, your flight times will vary considerably depending on your location. To get an idea of how much time you’ll spend in the air, here’s a look at how long flights with one-stop or fewer often take.

  • Orlando, Florida: 1.5 hours non-stop (520 miles)
  • Phoenix, Arizona: 3.5 hours non-stop (1,630 miles)
  • Detroit, Michigan: 4 hours with one stop (450 miles)
  • Albany, New York: 5 hours with one stop (825 miles)
  • Billings, Montana: 6 hours with one stop (1,785 miles)
  • Seattle, Washington: 8 hours with one stop (2,150 miles)
  • Los Angeles, California: 9 hours with one stop (1,970 miles)

Not all locations have non-stop flights, but they’re well worth seeking out when you can. With that move, you can decrease your flight times from four hours for a 450-mile trip to just under two hours.

Whether you prefer the meandering route to Pigeon Forge or just want to zip directly on over, you can count on having the time of your life. There’s so much to see and do both in town and across the Great Smoky Mountain region. So, start planning your adventures today, and then get ready to make memories to last a lifetime.