Top 4 Museums in Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge is full of fun and laughter whether you are cackling amongst others on the Redneck Comedy Bus Tour or enjoying one of the many amazing dinner shows! With everything that this town has to offer, it could be easy to miss the museum adventures that they have to offer. If you are one that loves visiting museums, there are 4 in Pigeon Forge that deserve your attention.

Here are the top 4 museums of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee:

Titanic Museum Attraction

A replica in honor of Titanic, this Titanic Museum Attraction is one of the most popular attractions of Pigeon Forge. Board along this ship as a real Titanic passenger and learn their story as you walk through the rooms of survival. Purchase an audio tour to make it an extremely special treat, and note that young children are only given boarding passengers that have survived from this ship.

Alcatraz East Crime Museum

All murder-documentary lovers will fall in love with the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge. Witness old torture devices used for Salem Witch Trials, peruse passed the stories of infamous mob gangsters, and look at John Wayne Gacy’s clown suit! There’s truly something for everyone in this crime museum.

Beyond The Lens! Family Fun

A true gem-Beyond The Lens! Family Fun is a learning experience for everyone. This museum is immersive like you’ve not had before. Jump through space and visit the UFO and space conspiracies room, and after — visit Bigfoot’s Lair! Embrace your curiosity as you walk into each room in this museum.

Cooter’s Place Pigeon Forge

So, you’re telling us that there’s mini-golf, go-karts, and Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia? Cooter’s Place in Pigeon Forge is a nostalgic walk through furniture and props as you make your way to the activity center. This museum is ideal if you want some classics to look at, and then after burn off all of that excess energy as you enjoy racing and challenging each other to some golf.

Bring the family! Join in on the fun! Between classic cars and tales of gangsters, you are bound to have a day full of learning and appreciation of history.