The 2015 Pigeon Forge Rod Run

If the sweet smell of high octane fuel burning in the morning is your kind of thing – then this is the place to be.


As we wrote recently, it’s Rod Run week here in Pigeon Forge, TN. It’s that magical time of year where classic car enthusiasts and owners from all over the eastern US setup their temporary home here in the Smoky Mountains. Lining the parkway of Pigeon Forge, there are literally miles of hot cars, loud motors, and part swaps for you and your fellow enthusiasts to peruse against the incredible backdrop of the Smoky Mountains National Park.


The annual Pigeon Forge Rod Run is one of the areas biggest draws each year as thousands of visitors flock to the area just to get their peak at this years mean machines.


From custom flame jobs, to engine compartments clean enough to eat off of, the best of the best make their way to Pigeon Forge to show us what they’ve got.




Muscle cars what you’re all about? The Rod Run has got those too – from ’69 Camaros to Mustang GT’s, you’ll find a little bit of everything as you walk up and down the strip.



The area is a magnet for tricked out trucks and one of a kind rides too!



While the parkway can get a little backed up during Rod Run Week, don’t let that deter you from making a voyage to the area. While a little planning ahead is a good idea, all the incredible show cars lining the strip make the event totally worth it.






So what are you waiting for? Grab a cabin rental and bring the whole family. Get ready to breath in the horse power as you soak in some of the coolest cars the US has to offer.