Where to Go for a Spontaneous Tattoo While Visiting Pigeon Forge, TN

You’re having an amazing time in Pigeon Forge and want something unique to commemorate your adventure. Souvenir shops abound — but if you prefer something that will really memorialize your vacation, a tattoo should do the trick. This functions as both an experience and a unique souvenir.

Whether you’re a tattoo novice or are already proud to display several ink masterpieces, you will be amazed at how much this experience can add to your Pigeon Forge getaway. Choosing the right shop is important, however. You want an experienced artist with a solid track record and a strong reputation.

This is often easier to determine with tattoo artists in your hometown, as you can count on personal recommendations and general word of mouth. When you’re somewhere new, however, it takes a little extra research to reach that same level of confidence. This may mean closely examining portfolios or analyzing reviews for insight.

All this can begin to feel exhausting, especially if you want tattooing to feel like a spontaneous experience. We’re here to help. Below, we’ve highlighted the best Pigeon Forge tattoo shops and artists, where you can expect not only amazing ink but also, a welcoming environment and a fun time.

Cutlass Tattoo Company

Photo Credit by @cutlasstattoocompany on Instagram

Locally owned and operated, this gem of a tattoo shop is conveniently situated at The Shops of Pigeon Forge — on Teaster Lane and near several of the town’s top hotels. This central location makes Cutlass a popular spot among vacationers, who speak highly of the friendly service and fast work. Don’t be worried if you don’t immediately spot Cutlass when you arrive at the strip mall; it’s in the back corner near the deli and should be noticeable as soon as you wander in from the parking lot.

Walk-ins are accepted, although it may be easier to schedule a visit in advance if you have a jam-packed vacation itinerary. Either way, you’ll be amazed at what this shop’s talented artists can accomplish. All are passionate about their work, as is immediately evident when chatting with them and, of course, upon gazing at the final product.

Estimates are provided if you visit the shop in person. It’s delightful to see your vision come to life — but if you don’t have any strong preferences, you can get take advantage of discounted FCFS (first come, first served) designs or even try the Get What You Get offerings.

Addictive Artistry

Photo Credit by @addictive.artistry on Instagram

Creative concepts can always be expected at Addictive Artistry, where you will be amazed at how the experts can amplify your vision to achieve designs you adore — and that you didn’t know you needed. Don’t be worried about the owner’s nickname (Dr. Pain). Yes, there’s always some element of discomfort involved in a new tattoo, but you’ll be so in awe when the process is finished, you’ll forget all about the downsides of obtaining it.

A wonderfully welcoming atmosphere makes this a solid fit for tattoo novices, although, as the shop’s name implies, it’s easy to go from a newbie to a total tattoo addict. Many satisfied tattoo enthusiasts report that the prices here are more than reasonable, especially given the elite quality of the final product. Both Dr. Pain and fellow tattoo expert Randy have impressive backgrounds in the tattoo community. Feel free to check out their portfolios if you need an extra boost of confidence.

Artistic Armor Tattoo Parlor

Photo Credit by @artisticarmortattooparlor on Instagram

If you have niche interests, not just any tattoo shop will cut it. You’ll need someone with an extensive background in your preferred art style. If that style happens to be anime, you’re in luck: this is one of the main areas of focus at Artistic Armor Tattoo Parlor. Boasting some of the region’s most vibrant colors and distinctive designs, Artistic Armor is also known for its loyal following and pleasant atmosphere.

Meant to bring “a fresh approach to a noble tradition,” Artistic Armor should be your go-to tattoo destination if you dream of getting inked with any of the characters from Nintendo games or Ghibli movies. If you’re passionate about these (not to mention Naruto or Pokemon), Artistic Armor should keep you happy with its Get What You Get selection. Based on this niche alone, you can feel confident that you’ll love whatever surprises you encounter. Other styles remain within reach, however, so don’t feel you need to strictly limit yourself to anime.

Precision Ink Tattoos

Photo Credit by @dawnt1968 on Instagram

Courteous yet unabashedly honest, the tattoo enthusiasts at Precision Ink make every effort to ensure that you know what you’re in for. This, in turn, dramatically increases your likelihood of being pleased with the final product. Walk-ins are available and service is fast, so this is a great stop when you’re busy with tourist activities and have little time to spare. Still, you’ll find the experience enjoyable and even downright relaxing.

Precision Ink has been a big name in the southeast for over thirty years but didn’t arrive in Pigeon Forge until 2018. Since then, however, the shop has become a fixture in the local tattoo community. This could be a one-stop shop if you’re also interested in getting a piercing, as these are now also available at Precision Ink. Either way, you’ll be glad you visited this gem, which is easy to find: it’s situated between Patriot Park and Pigeon Forge’s iconic Parkway.

Southern Draw Skin Art Studio

Photo Credit by @laureng.adams on Instagram

Vibrant colors and dynamic designs set Southern Draw apart. Another popular spot among Pigeon Forge vacationers, this shop clearly attracts its fair share of female visitors. Southern Draw’s designs are full of personality and often, downright cute. These approachable designs make the memorable Get What You Get System (involving a gumball machine) feel a lot less intimidating. Couples and besties often hit up this shop to enjoy the tattoo experience together, although solo visits can also feel like festive occasions.

As with Precision Ink, Southern Draw provides both tattoos and piercings. The tattoos are definitely the more unique of the two, but getting a piercing here can also be enjoyable — especially as the jewelry provided is of exceptional quality to promote quick healing.

As you plan your Pigeon Forge tattoo adventure, look for a shop that caters to your unique style and personality. There really is something for everyone in Pigeon Forge, so check out the best tattoo locations and get yourself inked.